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Daily Archives: January 18, 2008

I didn’t start out that way. In fact, looking at his website he seems just as viable as any other candidate in the Republican race. He looked so good “on paper” I was contemplating him as one of my first choices. However, his actions and words on the campaign trail don’t match with the website.

A couple of days ago, I published an article on my other blogging gig, Hang Right Politics, because of something Huckabee said that really scared me… not because of the issue he was addressing because I’m just as pro-Life as the next conservative, but because of the words he used when addressing the issue. As a result, some staunch Huckabee supporters attacked not only me but my fellow bloggers there when they tried to help clarify arguments. Thankfully they saved their worst words for me, such as closet lib, accused of supporting and possibly engaging in bestiality, an ACLU plant, and so on. It got to a point where I emailed my fellow bloggers and told them to give up because nobody was listening.

Words have power when they are uttered from a position of authority. I’m not the only one troubled by the words used to address the issue. Human Events, Reagan’s favorite newspaper, was troubled as well. Mr. Babbin probably summed it up much better than my poor attempt that seemed to garner so much ire.

Now, perhaps we can give Gov. Huckabee the benefit of the doubt and say he didn’t mean them the way they could be construed. However, my argument still stands that words uttered from a position of authority have power. Power can be abused, deliberately or in ignorance, and it would concern me greatly in either case. It opens a door to a path that could take us far away from the founding precepts of this nation.

In another episode, Huckabee called the Constitution a “living, breathing document” which is not so, not so. Now, what Huckabee doesn’t understand, or at least in my view doesn’t(or understands and doesn’t care which I can’t attest to without reading the man’s mind), is that to advocate such a stance once again opens a door to a path that would take us far away from the founding precepts of this nation.

It’s been pointed out since the furor erupted over this incident that it is not Huckabee’s only attack on the first amendment. And this: Anti-Fred Thompson Push Poll Call is lies in his support. The biggest problem with running as an evangelical candidate is being evangelical, which Huckabee is not, at least not by my definition. And the deeper one digs into the person of Huckabee, the less there is to trust.

So, yes, I suppose I am anti-Huckabee. Sorry about that but it takes more than a profession of faith to convince me.

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