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Daily Archives: January 15, 2008

A reason to believe is something politicians don’t really understand. Many of them exhibit the attitude of “Because I said so…” We might sometimes resort to that for our children but politicians are addressing thinking rational adults (in most cases).

Yesterday I spent most of the day on RedState making my arguments why I can’t believe in Mitt Romney. Counterarguments ran the gamut of excuses but the most prevalent one was his stated positions now and that I should forgive the past record that shows the opposite. Forgiveness is not the same as trust. I can forgive but trust is something that has to be earned. It is not a right of status, privilege, or power. You can have all those and still not earn trust. While the post and succeeding comments were about Romney, it really applies to all the presidential candidates.

Considering how these politicians speak to us as if we’re children, let’s use the analogy of a child who has done something very wrong. We do forgive them but our trust has been broken. It takes a long time to restore trust and often is never fully restored.

I have big trust issues with Romney, McCain, and Huckabee. During the course of their political careers they have done and supported the sides of issues that are counter to my own opinions on those issues. Truth to be told, McCain more so than Romney with Huckabee worst of all.

You see, government has let us down so many times in the last couple of decades. The Clinton presidency hid many things from us while telling everything was great and wonderful. Once his terms were up, we started getting the rumors of recession, then 9/11 catapulted us fully into it. To go into details would make this article far too long. It’s not what any one politician did, it’s what all of them did combined. Clinton’s crony stole classified documents from the archives further muddying the picture of national security. Our current Congress is busier scandal hunting than doing the job they were elected to do. And it just goes on and on.

Romney is fond of saying, “Washington is broken.” He’s right. It has broken trust with the people and it’s going to take a more trustworthy elected government to fix it. Trustworthy is more than saying the right words at the right time, which is what Romney has done. Many say he is sincere in his changes of position and that is probably true but still one has earn trust to be considered trustworthy.  One cannot trust a “Because I said so…”

McCain obfuscates to avoid telling us the truth of what he’ll actually support if elected… such as the amnesty bill he tried to push on us last year. He was and is very bitter over the grassroots defeat. He says he hears us and will build the fence but says little else and avoids the issue altogether whenever possible. The only thing he really has going for him is his support for the war on terror. I can’t even say national security, although others are kinder and give him points on that. He advocates open borders and amnesty to illegals, so how tough on national security will he be in reality?

Huckabee uses his Southern Baptist evangelical religion and nothing else to convince us he’s trustworthy. The problem I have with that is the hypocrit behind the proclamations. He uses personal attacks against other candidates to take the focus off his own lack of sound government experience. I was ridiculed on another blog for pointing out that wasn’t very evangelical of him, especially considering he’s supposed to be a minister and leader. It’s not much of an example for those he leads, is it? On top of that, he has lied several times, most often by omissions, but still lies in God’s eyes. His policy proposals are mostly cut and paste from others’ policy proposals, some word for word, others with a change of word here and there. So, not only is he untrustworthy, he’s lazy.

Now, saying that these three are untrustworthy doesn’t let the others off the hook. They have their mistakes as well, such as Thompson supporting McCain-Feingold, and Guiliani and his all important ego and infidelities. Not that many were listening when he said it but Thompson admitted McCain-Feingold was a mistake; that it didn’t work the way it was supposed to have worked. Just the fact that he used the actual word mistake when he talked about it went some way toward restoring trust and why I support him now. 

My biggest problems with Guiliani aren’t so must trust as knowing that he is more liberal than conservative. He supports things I simply cannot support: illegals amnesty and pro-abortion as well as some other left leaning issues. Like McCain, although more trustworthy, he is strong on one issue only, the war on terror.

We have a lot of critical issues facing this nation, this election, due to a long period of innattention from the existing government. Our chosen leader must be stong and consistent in his positions and principles founded in our Constitution. Who do you trust?

January 2008


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