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Daily Archives: January 11, 2008

Perhaps its cynicism but I, for one, am really tired of the “I know how to do it” litany. Readers here know I’m a Fredhead but it’s not because Thompson is from my state nor an acute dislike for the other candidates. It’s the “I know how to do it” phrase. We’ve been hearing it for over a year now.

To Senator McCain: If you know how to get Bin Laden and win the war on terror, you’ve had seven years to present your knowledge to the president and the Secretary of Defense. Why is it only now that we hear you talk of these things? You also neatly sidestepped the issue of what you would do with the illegal population of this country once the “fence” is built. To give this group a special pathway to citizenship is unfair but I could hear you saying that’s what you’d do with every word you didn’t say while discussing the issue. You avoided saying anything, one way or the other, about that part of the whole issue.

To Governor Romney: You have a lot of facts and figures. You can tick them off your fingers, #1, #2, #3… ad infinitum. You know how to fix the economy, you say. But on viable solutions you come up short as do the others. Talking points are not solutions, sir. You also talked about illegal immigration and one of your ticked off points was a “time period” for illegals to get their affairs in order. If I recall correctly you mentioned 120 days. Given the fluidity of this group of people, what can they accomplish in those 120 days while you’re sitting on your hands?

To Mayor Guiliani: You can spin the illegal immigration issue during your time as mayor any which way you choose but to say you know how to end illegal immigration is stretching it. You did nothing during your time as mayor and your talking points are rather empty of substance.

To Governor Huckabee: You wear your religion on your sleeve but don’t follow it as assiduously as you would have us believe. You propose to place yourself as head shepherd to the largest flock; this nation. Yet, your eyes are constantly focused on everything but the well-being of your flock.

All in all, each of you makes excuses for your past records. If you make excuses now over past positions how many excuses will you make for future ones?

To Congressman/Dr. Paul: Physician heal thyself. It was painful to watch you last night. You remind me of my uncle Joe who before he died lost almost all his mental faculties. Senility does that to some people. You had your well-rehearsed speeches ready but as debates are wont to do, you were off topic for much of your time on stage. In addition, you often lost focus on what was being discussed, the statements that were made by others on the stage, and your attention often flitted into various directions.

There were times when it seemed as if you were in another world. People suffering from senility often do and you displayed many of those symptoms last night. I’m afraid that saying you can’t hear is not going to stop the progression, if indeed, you are so afflicted. Now, I’m not talking about the common usage of the word, but the actual medical condition. I thought Brit Hume’s ridicule of you was one of the most callous things I could have witnessed. All things considered, I believe that you love this country more than you love yourself and that’s what your supporters see. However, you will not do the country you love any good without taking care of yourself first. Again, I say, physician heal thyself.

Another thing caught my attention during the debate: How all the other candidates are robbing Thompson of his positions. You take his issue positions and make them your own.  You take his words and rewrite them to suit your own purposes and never give credit to the originator. Months ago, you stated totally different positions in many cases but have slowly moved toward Thompson’s positions, claiming them as your own. One has to wonder, why, if you all thought you were viable candidates under your own previously stated positions. One also wonders why anyone would choose one of you when there is someone who has stood for this country all along.

Thompson has told us time and again that he loves this country more than he loves the pandering, campaigning, or the prestige. He has stood the test of time and his record stands as clearly as his positions now stand. They are one and the same. Can any of the others say the same? If their positions have changed now versus their past positions, who’s to say they won’t change again in the future?

And how about that Frank Luntz “focus group”? Oh, they said Thompson won the debate but many of them still wouldn’t vote for him? Why? They think he’s not going to win? It’s a refrain we’ve heard over and over: “Thompson can’t win, he has “no fire in the belly”, he’s disorganized, he’s broke and so on, ad nauseum. Well, they’re right about that. If people continue to allow the media to tell them who to vote for and don’t support the candidate with whom they most identify because the media said he can’t win, he truly won’t.

He can’t win without the votes. Don’t throw your vote away just because the media said so…

January 2008


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