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Daily Archives: January 8, 2008

The political pundits don’t really have a good track record when it comes to predicting elections. Of course, they change their minds so often as new data comes in that they can easily point to a time when they said this candidate or that candidate… but when you really think about it… without even having to know specifics… they really don’t have any more experience picking winners than the average American. They’re expert opinions always carry a good dose of personal preference when it comes to this topic.

In addition to their typical prediction malfunctions, the press is truly cut off from what mainstream America wants and there is no incumbent in the race. The change “mantra” has grown old already as almost every candidate has used it in one way or another without talking about what kind of change they’re talking about.

Yes, people want change but most normal people they have a hard time voicing exactly what they mean by change. This in turn gives rise to politicians selling their brand of change without actually defining what they mean by change. It’s all pretty pretty words that can be interpreted many different ways to strike just the right chords with individual voters.

I suppose that’s why I support Fred Thompson. He uses straight talk and doesn’t mince words when talking about the issues facing the nation. No, it’s not all pretty pretty words but the time for pretty pretty words saving our collective skins is over. We’ve had two decades of them and where have they gotten us?

For the first time in my life, I’ve given to presidential campaigns. Even Tancredo got a small amount from me because he had a message I believed needed to be out there, not because I thought he had a chance of winning. The rest has gone to Thompson. This is the first time in two decades I’ve felt there was a candidate worth giving money to and voting for. He could use your help, too. He has a message for all of us. Whether we want to hear it or not, we need to hear it.

I’ve also heard the phrase, over and over: “Take back the country.” We need to take back the country to “for the people by the people” not big government telling us all what to do based on polls and skewed statistics but to be able to do for ourselves as we know ourselves better than anyone else.

Some will challenge my perception and say that Thompson won’t do that either. Perhaps not, but that’s an unknown at this point. He has laid out specific plans dealing with our most important issues. That’s a step none of the others have taken. Oh, they have plans but nothing specific enough to give me any confidence that they’ll follow through in the way it needs to be done. So, with all the others I know they won’t already.

Just because he’s down in the polls right now, doesn’t mean that’s the status quo. Remember, I started this post by saying the experts have a dismal record for predicting these races. Let’s give him the best chance we can give him.

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