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Daily Archives: January 4, 2008

Yes, Fred’s still alive in the race. Yes, Huckabee won it. Yes, Romney is extremely disappointed. Yes, Ron Paul actually does have a solid supporter base that’s not all Ronbots or Paulites. Yes, the media is playing favorites.

For the Thompson(my choice) crew, people are volunteering all over the place for calling and working on the campaign as volunteers. Money is being donated in small denominations on a regular basis. I’m afraid to volunteer for calling and speaking, lol. I’ve never been a very good salesperson. I’m afraid I would cost him more votes than I would win for him. But I can keep donating those small increments until I hit that $2300 limit, right?

I expect for others it’s much the same.

So, what’s new? Not a thing. At the end, we’ll have two nominees, one for the Republicans, one for the Democrats. We just have to keep plodding along until then for our chosen candidate. When the actual nominees are in place, we’ll all have a better idea of what the future will bring and plan accordingly but just in case the Iowa caucuses are true indications of the things to come:

My advice for this coming year is: Get rid of any debts you can, credit cards, auto loans, and basically everything. If you have a mortgage not at a subprime rate, you’ll probably be okay. If you have a subprime rate and are still holding on, clean up your credit fast and refinance… as quickly as possible. Even a higher set rate is better than continuing with A.R.M.s. Get freezers and buy foodstuffs in bulk to get the lowest possible price to stretch your dollars further. We’re in for a wild economic ride. The price of food is rising at a swift pace and is likely to remain on the rise unchecked.

January 2008


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