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Daily Archives: January 1, 2008

Happy New Year’s everyone. At last year’s end I had to say goodbye to my son once again. It’s strange but I worry more about him moving to California than I did his tours in Iraq. We spent his last day here having several talks on a number of topics, some profound, some just to stall the parting.

In the midst of those talks we turned to life in general and how hard it is sometimes to do what you believe is right in the face of a mob who insists you are wrong. Over my lifetime I’ve been in that position more times than I care to admit. No matter how large the mob is, where they are located, or how loud they are, all a person can do for him or her self is what they believe is the right thing. The mobs, the namecallers, the peer pressure will disappear after a time, typically replaced with a new situation where decisions need to be made and once again, all one can do is what one believes is the right thing.

This year we are faced with a number of national crises and an upcoming election. Immigration, the war on terror, the global warming alarmism, the economy, oil dependency, national security are among the top issues. There are more and it seems like we’re headed on a collision course with enemies bold and enemies covert that will shape a large part of the near future.

When faced with these decisions, before making even the slightest one of them, people need to educate themselves as to the facts, all of them, not just from one source or another which might tell you what you want to hear but those which might tell you what you need to hear. You can’t make decisions to do the right things without all the information.

As with responsible decisions we have to make in everyday life, we need to apply the same concepts to the nation and our government.

No quit smoking, lose weight, get healthy, or other popular resolutions for me this year. My resolution is to always do my best to do the right thing regardless of the opposition.

January 2008


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