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Not a very original title but then I usually don’t.

Fred’s last message to Iowa is all of 17 minutes long and well worth the time to listen. For once I’m going to link to the YouTube video instead of embed it, not because of the length but because there are at last count 703 comments there, many from Ron Paulites off their meds but many from sincere well wishers and supporters, which I think are worth a read, even if time consuming. Yes, I know there are Ron Paul supporters who probably aren’t on meds but they’re not apparent in those comments and my statement is aimed at those making the comments.

The National Review Online has some good things to say about the message Fred is giving us:

Wondering about the early response to Fred Thompson’s closing argument to the people of Iowa, I just spent a moment skimming the comments on YouTube.  About a fifth of the several hundred posts seem unimpressed, but the rest are positive-many simply glowing.  A sampling:

If you call yourself a conservative, you need to vote for this man!

Wow. Watch the whole thing; it’s a little long. I had to wipe a tear from my eye at the end. THIS should be our next President. I know who I am voting for now.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The President of the United States of America!

Anybody with any patriotism that lives in this country, should see that Fred is right person for the Presidency. He is true to form! This just ignited a big fire in my gut!

WOW, When I watched this, it was like having one of the greatest Presidents of our time talking Directly to me.??That was AweInspiring, ??Thank You Fred!

This is what the American people have been waiting to here. Clear,powerful,humble,honest and Our next president,Fred Thompson

Damn!!!! just Damn!!!!!

While the other contenders are frantically saturating the Iowa airwaves with 30- and 60-second attack ads-Romney is guiltiest, if only because he’s richest-Thompson has sat himself down, looked into a camera, and spoken for a quarter of an hour, calmly and straightforwardly making his case.  I myself find this impressive-in a way, moving.  Thompson seems to have stepped out of the eighteenth century.  He trusts voters to think.  And if the comments on YouTube are at all representative, plenty of people agree.

Which brings me to a couple of questions for Our Man in Iowa, Byron York.  How many Iowa Republicans will have the chance to see the Thompson video?  Has Thompson’s campaign bought television time?  Do they have the money?  For that matter, is there a single television outlet in the Hawkeye State with any airtime left?

While we await Mr. York’s next dispatch, take a look at the Thompson video.  Politics as, from time to time at least, they really ought to be.

Of course, given that the NRO has officially endorsed Romney, it’s not all sunny for the Thompson campaign on that front as Katheryn Jean Lopez shows us.

Angel Fred   [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Heh. Move over, floating cross.

A reader spots the subtle messaging in Thompson’s Iowa video: “Fed’s got a halo. There’s no way that’s an accident.  He’s obviously trying to tell us that he’s an angel sent to save us!  Very clever, Senator!”

Don’t count Fred out, yet. I know lots of influential people have been saying that all along but it hasn’t seemed to affect the mainstream media. One wonders why they fear a Fred Thompson presidency beyond the surface liberal agenda. Is it because they might have to actually work for a living, that instead of making news via politicians who pander to them, they might actually have to research and report the news? I don’t know the answer to that although I have plenty of ideas.

Fred answered the “fire in the belly” accusation admirably. He gave a straightforward answer to a straightforward question. He kind of reminded me of another president, perhaps several if I take the time to think about it, but this one, in particular:

The English and American traditions and instincts are quite different. George Washington might wear a uniform when the Republic was in danger, to indicate his willingness and ability to defend it. As a rule, however, he deliberately stressed his civilian status by his dress. He was anxious to show that, unlike Cromwell 150 years before, he would not use his military victories to become a Caesar. His self-restraint fascinated contemporaries. After American independence was secured, King George III asked an American, “What will George Washington do now?” He was told: “I expect he will go back to his farm.” The King commented, in frank admiration: “If he does that, he will be the greatest man on earth.” And that is what he did. When he finally-and reluctantly-accepted political office, he waited to be summoned by election. The importance of Washington’s behavior should never be underrated, contrasting, as it did, so markedly with the behavior of Napoleon Bonaparte a few years later. It illustrated all the difference between a civil and a military culture. In statesmanship, personal self-restraint in the search for and exercise of power is a key lesson to teach. (Source: Heroes: What Great Statesmen Have to Teach Us, second paragraph.)

Yet the media saw fit to distort and outright lie to keep that message from reverberating through the voting ranks. Thompson answered a grassroots call to serve. He didn’t seek it and never looked for it. It came to him for reasons that are finally becoming apparent in spite of the mainstream media.

Tancredo did himself no favors by endorsing Romney. His campaign staff apparently aren’t buying it either. (#2)

KCRG-TV in Iowa has a poll out which goes in the opposite direction of most polls. The lower your number in that poll, the better! My last look at the actual poll had Fred at 2% rather than the 3% on the poll results shown on the Falcons for Fred blog.

If one cares to really research, you’re going to find that Romney, McCain, and the others in the race started switching their positions on a number of issues right about the time Fred set up his exploratory committee for the decision making process of to run or not to run(or as Shakespeare might have have put it: to be or not to be a presidential candidate).

Win or lose, Fred has done this country a great service just by highlighting that the American people want answers to our most important issues: honesty from their elected leaders and realistic solutions; not feel good soundbytes and flip-flops nor arrogance and “smarter than you” attitudes. Straight talk is what the American people respect and Fred is giving it to them, win or lose.

Once, while still researching whether to run or not, Thompson stated that a lot of doors have opened to him over his lifetime. The only choice he has is whether to walk through them or not. I, for one, am glad he chose to walk through the door which was opened by people calling his name to serve once again.

Although it has become cliche by now: Go, Fred!

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  • The Game says:

    start off the new year with an open mind!!!
    Always looking for smart conservatives to comment on my blog…
    Make a few comments then I’ll add you to my list of suggested blogs to visit. Happy New Year!!!

  • hillbilly says:

    Welcome, The Game. I visited your site but didn’t see much of any blogs except the top media sources’ blogs. I’ll look around some more later but it’s late at night for me now considering the time I get up in the mornings…

  • The Game says:

    If your talking about my blog roll, I have to go back and add more local blogs…but there are some there right now.
    I reformatted it and it deleted a bunch of what I had added on the side.

  • hillbilly says:

    Don’t worry about it, The Game. If I like what I see when I get there, I link whether I get a link back or not. It’s the message that’s important. 🙂

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