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Daily Archives: December 18, 2007

Congress would win the pig calling contest at any fair any day of the week.

Republicans Blast ‘Misguided’ Omnibus Spending Bill
( – What can you say about a 3,500-page appropriations bill that stands more than a foot tall? Nothing good, according to Republicans. But Democrats are spinning the spending bill as a step in their much-talked-about “New Direction.”

Unfortunately, blasting it after the fact doesn’t help when they voted for it in the first place. The Heritage Foundation has a blog dedicated to the “Omnibust” Bill with such plums as:

  • The Charles Rangel “Monument to Me” ($1.95 million)
  • Rodent control in Alaska ($113,000)
  • Olive fruit fly research in France ($213,000)
  • Hunting and Fishing Museum in Pennsylvania ($200,000)
  • Louis Armstrong Museum in New York ($150,000)
  • A bike trail in Minnesota ($700,000)
  • A river walk in Massachusetts ($1,000,000)
  • A post office museum in downtown Las Vegas ($200,000); and

•  The Lincoln Park Zoo in Illinois ($37,000)

And more…

Consider also:

Spending bill shrinks border fence

US corn boom threatens sea life

UN agency warns world food supply dwindling

Food and fuel compete for land

Wheat Prices Top $10 a Bushel for First Time

What it boils down to is massive tax hikes for fluff while making it increasingly difficult for the average salaried worker to make ends meet. Yes, I’ve watched flour jump from $.79/5 lb bag to $1.79/5 lb bag. I’ve watched the price of a gallon of milk go from $2.38 to $4.29. Yes, I know part of that cost is the rise in shipping costs.  The health nuts talk about healthy diets, buying fresh produce over processed foods. You know you’re in a pickle when you go to the store and the processed foods are cheaper than good wholesome food that takes time to prepare from scratch.  I suppose it’s one way to make people go on a diet. And yes, I know somebody will come along and argue about the cost of the GWOT and that if we weren’t paying for  __________ (fill in the blank). However, the point is: Congress doesn’t care. The only reason they care about the war at all is because it’s less money they can blow.

For those to whom it is not quite apparent, it wouldn’t matter how much money was saved by ending the war in Iraq. They’re complaining about not having enough money to spend.  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the government coffers are like a black hole. Once the money goes into them you’ll never see it again.

I’m sick of hearing about fiscal responsibility and the rising deficit from a Congress who really couldn’t care less. Responsible people cut back on unnecessary spending when the budget is tight.

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