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Daily Archives: November 11, 2007

News Busters has an article about discourse on the internet and how the left often resorts to vulgarity and profanity.  NB hat tipped Gateway Pundit who, in turn, hat tipped The News Buckit wherein orignated the research. While the research does have some flaws it’s not nearly as flawed as the defensive left would like you to believe.

As for the title of this article, well, it seemed that there were always posts by progressives laced with profanity or vulgarity of one word or another, not to mention resorting to name calling when all else fails in honest debate. With this preliminary research by the fellow at The News Buckit, no, it’s not my imagination. The left outnumbers the right in the use of those words by a ratio of 18-1. Read his whole post. It’s pretty extensive and he points out some of the limitations.

 The one issue I have with the research is that it didn’t search for vulgarity other than the “7 words”, however it quite possibly would have locked up his browser trying to do so,  😆 

So, my thoughts on the research results? If they want me to listen to them perhaps they should try not offending me first.

Vietnam POW learned to endure, serve others

The nightmares don’t visit as often as they used to, for which Glenn Myers gives thanks.

“It’s probably been five years since I’ve had one,” he said, looking to his wife, Amy, for corroboration. She nodded.

In August 1967, when Myers was a 26-year-old Air Force pilot, he became a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He was the co-pilot of an F-4 reconnaissance jet shot down on his “sweet 16th” mission over the Demilitarized Zone.   […]

He was a captive for five years and seven months, kept in the infamous compound called the Hanoi Hilton, where he was beaten many times and survived on the slimmest of rations. Among his fellow prisoners was another pilot, Navy man John McCain, now a U.S. senator and presidential candidate.

“But we never met. He was always in another part of the compound than I was,” he said.

Rough years tested him

“The first couple of years were the toughest and the roughest, emotionally rough. I’d set deadlines – ‘Well, I’ll be home by Christmas,’ ‘I’ll be home by my birthday.’ Each time that would come and go, that was a real emotional downtime.”

So he stopped watching the calendar.

“You get through it and you wake up the next day and you stomp through it just like you did the last one.” […]

It’s a must: Read full article

I would say that we don’t make men like this anymore but that’s not true. We do and they are fighting in Iraq while being insulted, marginalized, demonized, and essentially abandoned by our politicians, so-called progressive activist groups, mainstream media, and by people on the street who just don’t know any better. I would say this is a new phenomenon but it isn’t. It has ever been the way of war. There will always be those who think they know better and will villify anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Our veterans are a precious national resource. They have withstood life tests that the rest of us can only imagine. Once they put on that uniform, their lives are redefined for the remainder of it. They answered the call to fight for the United States and its allies, time again, and will continue to do so as long as the call is made.

We may not always understand why the call is made; sometimes not for decades after the conflict is over, yet, they answer in spite of that, do their duty and beyond.

Not all veterans are as fortunate as Mr. Meyers. Some are homeless, cut off from their communities, unable, or unwilling, to reach out to others because of their experiences during and after service. Operation Stand Down Nashville seeks to honor our veterans who find themselves in such a situation to bring them back into the communities that seemed to have abandoned them. 

Today will be a day of parades and celebration and tomorrow will be a government holiday for many. In the meantime, we have veterans in the middle east who won’t see the celebrations which will be but a memory by the time their duty is done. How will we honor them, today?

Will you continue the anti-war protests and insult our soldiers in harm’s way? Will you cheer our politicians who seek to do the same in Washington, D.C.

Few people love war and actively seek it out. It’s an insult to be called a warmonger which is something every military person, and the familes who support them, has had to endure repeatedly throughout history. It’s a kind of national narcissism to expect that if we would just lay down our arms there would be peace despite what is happening in those countries where we are fighting. That’s conferring a power upon this country that we don’t have as we have no control over other countries’ sentiments and hate. The so-called peaceful years weren’t all that peaceful. There were constant terrorist attacks that have a total casualty count higher than the casualties of the Iraq War and that before 9/11/01. Sep 11, 2001 changed everything. We realized that no matter how earnestly we seek peace to just live and let live, there were others in the world who want nothing more than to see us die or become like them.

Calling this nation a super-power is sometimes misleading. We may be an economical super-power and we may have some influence with other countries but by no means all of them or even more than a few at any one time. With some enemies the only way to peace is to fight; to fight for the right to exist in the manner we choose that is not the manner they wish for us.

If just for this one day, I would wish those anti-war protestors and politicians would step out of their national narcissism long enough to reflect upon what our veterans have done for this country and honor them the way they deserve to be honored. They fight so you don’t have to. They put their lives on the line so you can continue to enjoy freedom. It’s a priceless gift given in exchange for something equally priceless. You can’t give back to them what they have given but you can at least give them something besides more pain and grief, if just for this one day.

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