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Daily Archives: November 5, 2007

It seems to be a real issue for Matthew Mosk at the Washington Post. This article appeared on their front page, no less, it’s that important. The truth is, they really scraped the bottom of the barrel to bring you this story.

Martin entered a plea of guilty to the sale of 11 pounds of marijuana in 1979; the court withheld judgment pending completion of his probation. He was charged in 1983 with violating his probation and with multiple counts of felony bookmaking, cocaine trafficking and conspiracy. He pleaded no contest to the cocaine-trafficking and conspiracy charges, which stemmed from a plan to sell $30,000 worth of the drug, and was continued on probation.

My first thought was what the $@#&? The second was the reason behind the entire article. It seems the Clintons and other Democratic Party celebrities are feeling some heat from all the bundling that’s been done by people no one can find or can’t possibly earn enough to make the contributions credited to them. This article is nothing more than trying to gave equal footing by bringing up something shady on the conservative side; Thompson’s side, that is.

It is clear from the article that the author hopes you’re not good at math. Martin is now 49. The latest of his criminal activities happened when he was 25. So, for the next half of Martin’s life there’s not much to say but he was a crook in 1983 so that should count for something. Well, Sandy Berger was a crook in in 2002 and he’s sitting pretty on the Clinton campaign. Where’s the WAPO outrage about that? Nor was Berger 25 when he committed his crimes.

I ask again, what were you doing when you were 25? Is there no reason to think that the following 24 years of Martin’s life are not worthy of consideration because he was a crook in 1983? I suppose the term reformed doesn’t apply since it’s been only a mere 24 years, especially since he’s working on a Republican’s campaign. How many of us would stand up to such scrutiny if it were us? He’s not running for office. He’s merely aiding a campaign.

Update: Thompson Backer With Criminal Past Resigns .  I hope the MSM is happy. 

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