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Nothing highlights the death so much as the events at an Emory University lecture as part of the Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. The event began in this manner:

As soon as Horowitz was introduced, protesters began their efforts with loud boos and chants of “Heil Hitler.” Despite the people who stood with their backs to Horowitz and the shouting of obscenities and other remarks from audience members, Horowitz attempted to deliver his speech that covered academic freedom and radical Islam. Considering the actions of the audience and the problem of universities only giving students half the story, Horowitz asked the audience, “How can you learn if you can’t see the arguments?” This event was a perfect example of the left’s intolerance to other points of view. Students who had the opportunity to ask questions they wrote down on index cards were never given the chance to hear them answered because of the actions of those who do not believe in free speech for those who hold opposing points of view.

About halfway through the article detailing the events there is this:

As soon as Horowitz commented on radical Islam waging war against the West, someone predictably yelled, “do you think it has anything to do with Israel’s treatment of Palestine?”  When Horowitz talked about Christians burning Jews at the stake during the crusades and Jews finding Muslims to be more hospitable, someone shouted “That’s exactly what Ann Coulter is calling for now.” When Horowitz mentioned that Jews and Christians are now treated as second class citizens in much of the Muslim world, a loud applause shot up from the audience. When Horowitz tried to bring up the treatment of women and issues such as female genital mutilation (FGM), the audience chanted, “That’s not Islam.”

“I’ve spoken at Emory University several times and I’ve never seen it this bad,” said Horowitz responding to the crowd as they shouted and jeered. “This is exactly what the fascists did in Germany in the 1930s.” The loud chants, sign-waving, and disruptive gestures continued to escalate from audience members until the atmosphere was so chaotic that even the police present were unable to subdue the crowd. Horowitz was led off stage and left the campus under tight security, and the event came to an abrupt end. After Senior Vice Provost for Community and Diversity Ozzie Harris announced that audience members should sit down and let the speech continue or risk being forcibly removed, protesters shouted, “Everybody stand up, they can’t take us all!” and “Stand up in solidarity!” At the end, when Horowitz’ speech could no longer continue, chants of “This is what democracy looks like” shot up throughout the audience.

Clearly Mr. Horowitz doesn’t have the right to free speech under the Bill of Rights in our Constitution.  He, as well as others present were shut down rather than allowed to speak. One of our rights under the Constitution is no longer guaranteed. Any opinion or thought that doesn’t reflect the left’s ideology is summarily shut down in any way possible.

Another attempt at shutting out happened on Capitol Hill . While some may argue that it was Code Pink’s right to free speech that was obstructed, if you watch the entire video, it was Farooz’s attempt to disrupt Ms. Rice’s testimony that was obstructing free speech. Farooz wanted to shut down the process with her antics… which she managed to do for two full minutes. While no one can know for certain, given the intensity of the verbal assault and Farooz’s demeanor, one has to wonder if Farooz might have physically attacked Rice had she been allowed to continue her assault in full view of members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Nor does anyone know how much the assault affected Ms. Rice’s ability deliver her testimony and answer succeeding questions. On HRP, Falcon believes there should be an investigation and I agree but there won’t be one. We all know it. Read some of the other comments there.

While the above are examples of overt obstruction of free speech, there are other ways it is obstructed. Consider the burial of facts in order to color news stories a certain way to fit a certain agenda, such as what happened with the Jena 6 Story and the Duke Rape Case. Consider the Scott Beauchamp Story which is still reverberating through the media.

The death of free speech is a sad thing to behold. One can only imagine what will replace her. I’ll leave such imaginings to sturdier hearts than mine.

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