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Daily Archives: October 25, 2007

Sometimes, such support doesn’t come in the form of supporting the active duty military but those who have served and often times forgotten afterwards; our veterans.

Operation Stand Down Nashville has been operating in the Middle Tennessee area since 1993. In 1999 it became a full time agency working with homeless veterans to help them become vital parts of the communities where they live. They provide clothing, job seeking assistance, transitional housing, and much more. Every year at this time, they hold an Annual Event offering a number of services that they provide one on one throughout the year.

They help so many but now they are the ones in need of help.  Their letter can explain it better than I:

OSDN became a full-time agency in 1999 with tremendous support from the City of Nashville and its public housing department, MDHA.  We are currently located in an older building that is set to be remodeled.  As part of the remodeling, MDHA will put in a medical clinic where we currently have our downstairs offices and return our current upstairs offices to apartments.  They have asked us to move before September 30, 2008.  The OSDN Board of Directors is actively seeking our own Service Center location so that we can continue our current services to veterans as well as be able to expand services for future veterans.  For more information on OSDN and our services for veterans, please visit our website at or at

The OSDN Board of Directors has set a goal to be in our own Service Center by mid-summer 2008.  Toward that end we are asking your help in locating a suitable space.  Our basic needs:

  • – a minimum of 7,000 square feet of office space with at least 30 parking spaces

  • – on a major bus line

  • – in an area bounded by downtown, I-440, the VA Hospital and Murfreesboro Road

We also need your financial support to make this happen.  We estimate $1,000,000 is needed to purchase, move and renovate.  We would like to name the Service Center in honor of a very special person!  If you know of a special donor who has the means to provide for a Veterans Service Center, please contact me.  We plan to honor all who provide financial support for our new Service Center by creating a Hall of Heroes where donors will be honored as follows: 

            Gold Level         $5,000 or more donors will have a special plaque with their picture or that of an honoree mounted in the Service Center.

            Silver Level       $1,000 or more donors will have their name or that of an honoree inscribed on a brick to be used to build our Hall of Heroes.

            Bronze Level     $100 or more donors will have their name or that of an honoree mounted on a plaque to be mounted in the Service Center.

Contact me for special acknowledgement of donations above the Gold level or for sponsorship options.  If you know of a location that might be a good fit for OSDN or if you want to get involved helping OSDN in this, please contact me directly at (615) 321-3919.

Thank you for your continued support,


William J. Burleigh

Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Retired

Executive Director

“Since 1993, helping the community reestablish ties with its veterans”

If you live in Tennessee or just want to donate to a good cause, this is one worth investing a few dollars. If you live in Nashville and know of a place that might be suitable, that would be wonderful as well.

October 2007


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