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Daily Archives: October 22, 2007

I went to college late in life. I did not attend a conservative, or even a politically neutral, college. Being a military wife and mother at the time, I was limited in my choices by geography.

As an older adult, I can really sympathize with the younger students and the assault to their beliefs and how that assault shapes their future. They have little real life experience to anchor them solidly in reality, their previous years also spent within a closed education system.

In spite of having life experience and a set of beliefs that held me in good stead over the preceding years before entering college I found it difficult. Sometimes the attacks  to your logic and beliefs are subtle, sometimes very direct. The only refuge from such attacks were the science or math courses and sometimes not even there. I’m not really much of a mathmetician but heading into to a calculus class after a previous quarter of philosophy, psychology and sociology, was a relief.

Going into the particulars of the assaults to belief systems and life experience would take a book. However, it has been sufficiently covered in many publications both online and offline. The cognitive dissonance experienced can be mind numbing and somewhat disabling. Oh, one can certainly function at nominal levels for every day life but moving beyond that to anything worthwhile is as great a struggle as what we’ve gone through making a difference in Iraq. You’re conditioned to not think beyond the “facts” as presented and, if you want to succeed, you shape everything you say and do around those “facts.” I did well at that once I learned “the secret.” 

In a somewhat humorous way, it might explain why most Republicans are older than the average Democrat. It takes that life experience missing in younger adults who have spent the greater part of their lives in the education system to bring about the wisdom to know that communism/socialism at any level doesn’t work for the long term.

In spite of the fact that it has failed time and again, its proponents continue attempts to create such a system world wide… the one world government ideology or Obama’s “Kingdom on Earth” vision.

In a recent conversation with someone, we began discussing Communism/Socialism. It didn’t surprise me to hear “we should learn how to make communism and capitalism work together.” You have no idea how many times I heard that same talking point for four years of undergraduate study… well, perhaps you do.  

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