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Daily Archives: October 18, 2007

Below is the Communist Party Platform for 2004. Read it and compare it to what is being pushed in the newly Democratic majority in Congress.

Build Unity! Defeat Bush and the Ultra Right!
What we need today — a program for working people
This is no ordinary election year. Across our country, people are searching for security, hope and peace.

The George W. Bush administration and the Republican controlled Congress have delivered unemployment, economic insecurity, inequality, fear and war. Instead of freedom and democracy, the people of our country and the world have been subjected to unilateral military aggression and curtailment of democratic rights based on lies and deceit. The young generation is being shut out of education and good job opportunities.

These policies are not accidents. They flow from a campaign by the biggest, most aggressive capitalist interests for complete control over all the world’s resources, markets and labor. The shocking disparity between wealth and poverty worldwide, and the never-ending search for new sources of profit, set the stage for sharp conflict.

The 2004 elections are a test of history in our country’s quest to build a democracy “of, by and for the people.” For too long, big money corporate politics has turned away millions of voters from participation. In 2000 the Supreme Court disregarded the voters’ choice and installed George W. Bush. Now is the time for all democratic minded people to stand united, march on ballot boxes and vote in massive numbers to defeat right-wing Republican control of the White House and Congress.

Nothing can be taken for granted. No state should be conceded in this national crusade to take our country back from extremist, life-threatening policies.

The power of the movement to defeat Bush on November 2 goes far beyond this election. The new alliance of labor, African American, Latino, women, youth, seniors, glbt, peace and environmentalists who make up this movement holds in its hands the potential to win much bigger change. The upsurge of independent activity to defeat the ultra-right opens new possibilities toward a people’s party free of transnational domination.

The need for a system free of exploitation, racism, militarism and profit-driven policies that burden our country today is on the agenda for consideration, discussion and action.

Throughout our history, the Communist Party has recognized the need for fundamental change with a vision of a socialist United States built on the foundations of our Bill of Rights. In 2004, we project a program to meet the immediate needs of the people of our country.

The bottom line in this election year is that the devastating, dangerous, anti-human, Bush/ultra-right agenda be delivered a resounding defeat. The entire world is watching.

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