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Daily Archives: October 8, 2007

If there is ever a reason for the military to come to your aid because someone has attacked your city, should they treat you as you have treated them? Perhaps they should cordon you off , make you wait as you have done to them, and treat you like terrorists as you have done to the military?

Michelle Malkin has the low down on these lowlifes: NBC: Ginning up anti-war sentiment; Plus: No more military charters through Oakland?

Can I be ashamed that I have to call them Americans? If we have any posts or bases of any kind left in California, the next time the government decides it needs to close a few, let’s start with them.

You remember those old science fiction movies depicting a catostrophic earthquake that pushes California right out to sea, sometimes even submerging it under? I’d wish for the one that makes it an island… preferrably with enough sea between it and the rest of the states that we can defend our borders without needing their cooperation at all. Must be all that smog flowing from China that makes them so assinine and self-centered.

Oh, but they support the troops, right? Isn’t that what Nancy Pelosi says all the time? Granted she’s not from Oakland but, truthfully, Oakland is but the latest example of California’s support for the troops.

If I were Calderon, I would be ashamed to admit:

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has called the idea of building the fence “deplorable,” and said today on “Good Morning America” that he wanted to strengthen the Mexican economy to keep Mexicans there.

“Let me tell you, I think that the only way to stop migration is to provide to the people opportunities here in Mexico,” Calderon said in an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer.

The Pew Research Center estimated that about 6.2 million undocumented Mexicans lived in the United States in 2005.

A majority of the Mexicans who cross the border are young and male. And while many of the immigrants come to the states seeking jobs and security, a large number of them already were employed in their native country.

Their goal is to make money in America and to send it back home and into the Mexican economy. The transaction is a huge boost to Mexico’s economy, providing $20 billion a year in additional funds.

Calderon said having the youngest, strongest and bravest leaving the home country and their families take a huge toll on Mexico.

Calderon told Sawyer that some of his own relatives live and work in the United States- “some of them in the vegetable fields, others in restaurants and others in construction,” he said.

He’s the President of Mexico? Coulda fooled me. Update: And if all else fails, there’s always the race card: Ex-Mexico Prez: Racists Stop Immigration

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Why not fifty definitions of marriage, considering already have 50 different definitions of marriage between a man and a woman in most states that leglislate for age of consent, polygamy, and other factors? Not to mention fifty definitions of divorce.

Today there’s this about Fred Thompson:

Fred Thompson entered the presidential race hoping to be the candidate of choice for conservatives. But he has stumbled in early attempts to woo social conservatives, partly because he doesn’t support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Almost every article on that topic fails to report his stance on the issue is giving the power to the states: States’ Rights. What so hard to understand about that? The very reason for states’ rights being guarded so assiduously in the Constitution is so no one state has excessive power over any others. If NY, CA, NV, WA, and OR want to define marriage any way they please, let them, just don’t expect every other state to live by it. But, see, that’s the problem… they want it their way and only their way.

When you’re on a budget… of any kind… you weigh your expenses against your income and plan accordingly. There are always emergencies that come up from time to time such as missing a day of work, automobile repairs or traffic accident, and depending on the nature of the work, even the weather can be a factor year round, while even in winter most people would have trouble with a sudden blizzard. Some experts have stated a good rule of thumb for sudden expenses due to emergencies is to have about 6 months salary saved in advance. Continue reading

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