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Elizabeth questions Limbaugh’s draft deferment

…  AND: has the details of Limbaugh’s draft status, and concludes that he was legitimately ineligible for the draft, though it also says his own responses to the question have been “unconvincing and dissembling.”

Not to mention the fact that the Democrats are still going on and on about something Mr. Limbaugh said that wasn’t what they say he said.

Let’s talk about your butt. Any issues down there you’d care to discuss? With the whole wide world? There are parts of the body that go awry that people just don’t like to talk about and the anal area is one of them, much less that something like that netted him a 4F classification. It’s a disgusting topic to most people unless those people are extremely close to one and have expressed concern. Mr. Limbaugh is not running for president nor any other government position.

I think it’s rather telling that people have their noses literally up his butt.

What a bunch of maroons. The world’s going to hell and all people can think to talk about is Rush Limbaugh’s butt?

2 Responses to Political Drivel

  • Christi says:

    I heard somebody talking about this the other day (it might have been Rush) but they were saying that after the Democrats failed to appease by allowing the condemnation of MoveOn’s Petraeus ad to pass in the Senate, they were throwing Rush on the altar as a sacrifice to Soros and others. Just to prove that they are still loyal subjects, you know. 😉

  • hillbilly says:

    I’m at a point where I’m not really worried about organizations such as Media Matters and, Planned Parenthood and Acorn. The problem is the politicians in office aren’t doing their jobs… regardless for whom they’re doing what they’re doing, the issue remains that they aren’t doing their jobs… the jobs we pay them to do. If these organizations pay them more, then they need to get out of their elected offices and go work for them outright instead of selling out the rest of us.

    Legislation and justice are compromises at the best of times because everyone has a different concept of what those mean but, now, there is no compromise… it’s “either my way or no way…”

    They sound like my grandchildren and my children before them and probably me before my children. However, some of us grow up and realize that ain’t the way the world works. Others never do. It’s sad that those who never do are the ones representing a good number of states in this country.

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