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Daily Archives: October 4, 2007

Modern Heroes opening:

I’m weary of seeing news stories about wounded soldiers and assertions of “support” for the troops mixed with suggestions of the futility of our military efforts in Iraq. Why aren’t there more accounts of what the troops actually do? How about narrations of individual battles and skirmishes, of their ever-evolving interactions with Iraqi troops and locals in Baghdad and Anbar province, and of increasingly resourceful “patterning” of terrorist networks that goes on daily in tactical operations centers?

The sad and often unspoken truth of the matter is this: Americans have been conditioned less to understand Iraq’s complex military reality than to feel sorry for those who are part of it.

Read the full article.

Are Members of Congress Accountable for Anything? Concluding statement:

But if Congressmen are protected by statutory immunity from accountability after making facially libelous statements based on no solid evidence against the troops in time of war, something is wrong with the law.

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Dems must woo white men to win. One of the comments:

… When you are the one who gets called every time a neighbor needs help moving and you are the one who gets called when your brother-in-law needs a ride because his car broke down and you are the one who runs out in the rain to roll up the car windows or take the garbage can out to the street and you are the one who works 50 hours a week at a job you hate to support your family, I STILL don’t want you nagging me that I need to do more.

But the fact is that Hilldawg and her roommate and Edwards want to raise my taxes while they keep their millions to themselves. Before they take a dime of mine an give it to someone else, they better bloody well give THEIR millions of dollars away to those causes FIRST.

Every time I think of MILLIONAIRES getting SOCIAL SECURITY and FREE MEDICINE and babies getting $5,000 for a HOUSE and am told that my boss is not paying enough in taxes, I want to cry. When I hear that we will “take from you for the common good” I feel immasculated and beligerant at the same time. I am in a low income bracket currently, and that says to me “you will never have the potential to rise above your current means because when you make more money, we will take it from you.” It ensures my next raise will be a lot longer coming.

The Democrats have become our ball and chain. We can never have great heathcare for everyone when the government takes it over. And we can never go back. We can never make six figures without giving half of it back. They are crushing my dreams and I resent that in the deepest way and I want out, just like I would if my wife treated me in this way.

You are terrible lovers.

Read the article, too. Oh, and the rest of the comments as well.

If the next Republican primary were being held today, for which one of the following candidates would you vote? Pay close attention to those margins for error, they’re fairly large even for the overall.


I read this yesterday: Thompson discusses reversal on ethanol in Iowa

I was disturbed. In all the talk and crosstalk and advocacy for biofuels in combatting global warming, I haven’t seen much if any discussion of the fact that there is a limit to the amount of biofuel that can be produced and we’ll find out what that limit is when we run out of arable land, when once healthy farming communities become wind driven dust bowls which I brought up in the Sunday shorts post.

I thought about it for awhile then decided to email my so far favorite candidate and ask him to rethink that reversal and talk to some soil conservation experts before making a final decision. We’ll see if I hear back from him or, at the least since I’m a nobody, maybe he or some of his people working on his campaign will look into the matter a little more deeply.

Yes, I understand that the farmers selling their goods for ethanol production are making record profits in the farming industry, but sometimes, you know, you have to consider the ultimate costs. If we continue to push for ethanol over oil to the extent that overfarming becomes a common occurence, we won’t need a nuclear winter or super comet to kill the planet. We can do it very well without them. Overfarming arable land will have the same effect on farming as unrestricted strip mining has in West Virginia and other states where its allowed. Think about it. It takes many many many years to replace what was destroyed within a matter of weeks.

And yes, I understand the need to find alternatives to oil dependence. However, one must realize that some alternatives are worse than the oil dependence over the long haul.

Attack Machine has some articles on global warming giving various perspectives on the whole. They are well worth a read

Let’s start with this one:

Republicans Grow Skeptical On Free Trade

WASHINGTON — By a nearly two-to-one margin, Republican voters believe free trade is bad for the U.S. economy, a shift in opinion that mirrors Democratic views and suggests trade deals could face high hurdles under a new president…

There were more paragraphs outlining the current Republican views on free trade, then this small paragraph:

Such a stance is sure to face a challenge in the 2008 general election. Though President Bill Clinton famously steered the Democratic Party toward a less-protectionist bent and promoted the North American Free Trade Agreement, his wife and the current Democratic front-runner, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has adopted more skeptical rhetoric. Mrs. Clinton has come out against a U.S. trade deal with South Korea.

The writers didn’t go far enough outlining the former presidents dealings in free trade. They neglected to mention that Clinton was the one who signed the trade agreement with China which is now hitting us hard, not to mention the number of jobs that have moved overseas for cheaper labor. Clinton also sold much of our technology to China which has now positioned them, through a merger with a Massachussetts tech company, to gain access to our security technology.

When you read the entire article you get a grim picture of what free trade has done to this country.  Now, I’m no economist and neither is this to say I’m totally against free trade but I believe it has to be fair trade as well. Otherwise, someone comes out on the short end of the free trade yardstick and guess who it is?

So, how do we fix this pickle we’re in? Buy American. If economy is based upon the law of supply and demand, well, let’s start demanding. I’ve lost tack of the number of toy recalls, baby goods recalls, food recalls, and the like simply because the reports are so numerous as to be mind numbing. The holiday season is fast approaching and we can either take our children’s lives in our hands and keep buying tainted goods from overseas or we can research into the companies right here within our own shores and have a reasonable expectation of safety and quality.

Here are a few links to start with for research:,2933,292056,00.html

We went through a period like this in the 1980s. It was hard then and will be harder now than then but we can do it. We’re Americans. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish if we set our minds to it.

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