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Daily Archives: October 3, 2007

And over estimating young people:

Thompson exceeds (low) expectations

I can see why the establishment is confused by Fred. I can understand why he’s running for president now when he never aspired to the office before. It’s really simple. He doesn’t want his kids turning out like this:

(starts at the bottom of first page)   … Ryan Spidell, 19, who works in the kitchen at the Midtown Café in Newton, Iowa, asked Thompson about “Sen. Kennedy’s bill on college debt.”

Spidell was referring to Kennedy’s Student Debt Relief Act, which would cut interest rates on student loans and cap loan payments.

Thompson had never heard of it.

“Sen. Kennedy has so many bills,” Thompson said, and the audience laughed. “I must say I don’t know the one you are referring to. But my daddy was a used-car dealer working on a dirt road. He and my momma got an eighth-grade education. I was a teenage husband and father, and I got my act together and started borrowing my way through school.”

The audience laughed again.

“I think I paid off my loans at the same time my first child started college,” Thompson went on. “I believe in Pell Grants, but I don’t think we’ll ever be able to guarantee four years of college from the federal treasury.”

But then Thompson softened his answer by telling Spidell that he was “the backbone of the country” because he was working his way through school rather than “just having Daddy write a check for college.”

The audience applauded. (Afterward, Spidell told a reporter he was going to vote Democratic.) …

Is it any wonder we need entitlement reform? A sense of entitlement has become a way of life whether it’s syphoned off social security funds, taking luxury flights on the taxpayers’ dimes, welfare recipients, student loans, housing bailout, and even corporate welfare while the list can go on and on. Somebody has to work for those entitlements and as John Smith was fond of saying, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”

Citizens Fight Stonewalling Efforts of Major Parties

Results of the National Political Awareness Test from 1996-2006 indicate a dramatic nosedive over the last five election cycles in the willingness of candidates of both major parties to say “yes” to that question, and then prove it by answering a few questions on issues known to be of concern to voters in their state. In the 1996-1998 tests, a high of 72 percent of all federal candidates and 38 percent of all state legislative candidates responded “yes” to the question. Since then, the decline has been steady and dramatic. The 2006 statistics are at an all time low of 48 percent and 26 percent for federal and state legislative candidates respectively. Gubernatorial candidate rates for 2006 are at 43%, also an all time low.

This is not a Republican versus Democrat finding. It’s both parties. Read the full announcement and avail yourself of the links to some of the results of their study which can be found near the top of the page. Pay close attention to the incumbents versus newcomer numbers, too.

that doesn’t seem to be reaching many people, especially in the MSM.

Myanmar Forces Hunt Pro-Democracy Protesters

Those protesting monks could be us if we continue on the path we are on now. You can’t throw out or rewrite the Constitution and expect it to have your back when it’s your turn. Once broken it can never be made whole again.

Are your self-centered wishes and desires worth the price? Mine aren’t.



ASSEMBLY/DISPERSAL AREA: At Shelter on North end of Centennial Park, near Sabre Jet & Locomotive.

(Purpose of this ride is to remember the signing of the World War I Armistice–at the 11th hour, of the 11th day, in the 11th month, 1918–the origin of Veterans Day)

10:00 AM     Rolling Thunder and other motorcycle riders assemble at the Shelter

 on the North end of Centennial Park, near Sabre Jet & Locomotive.

 (From Charlotte  Avenue, turn south on 25th Avenue, then quick right

 on Park Plaza alongside HCA.  Turn left into Centennial Park & bear right to


11:00 AM     With Metro Police Escort, Turn left onto Park Plaza–Left on 31st Avenue-

 Left (East) on West End Avenue.

                    Ride East on West End to I-65 South Ramp (South Loop)–Ride I-65

                    South to I-440 West–Ride I-440 West to West End Avenue East–

                    Ride East on West End Avenue to 31st Avenue–Ride Left on 31st

                    Avenue North to Park Plaza–

                    Ride right on Park Plaza back to Park Entrance–Ride Right back to

                    Shelter & Disperse

Spacing:      Ride in two columns staggered, in lane behind Metro Police Escort.

Police:         Utilize leap frog escort on Metro streets, plus front and rear escort

                        along entire route.

Medical:       Metro EMS Vehicle at rear of formation

Barricades:  As needed within Centennial Park to divert other traffic from Shelter

                          on North end of Park.

Restrooms:  Available at Shelter

(Riders who do not wish to return to Centennial Park should ride at rear of formation and peel off along I-65 South or I-440)

October 2007


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