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Any one article read in isolation of any others probably wouldn’t make much of an impression. However, when read in relation to other articles of the same topics, they give one pause for thought.

MoveOn Moves In on Youth Forum 

The MySpace-MTV youth forum today with Senator Barack Obama had been billed as a casual “dialogue,” with questions posed by those in the youthful audience and elsewhere from their peers.

Gideon Yago, the MTV host, said at the top of the show that questions for Mr. Obama would come from students in the audience and from “you guys at home,” referring to the MTV target audience (a.k.a. people who recognize Gideon Yago). [snip]

The winner was Joe Niederberger, a New Jersey e-businessman [snip]

But how did Mr. Niederberger’s question rise to the top of the heap, or near the top? Judging by his video clip, Mr. Niederberger is probably old enough to have voted for a George Bush. Meaning 41, not 43.

Mr. Niederberger, it turns out, is a member of liberal activist group Not that there’s anything wrong with that, per se.

But, TechPresident, which produces 10Questions, says MoveOn sent an e-mail to 60,000 members urging them to vote for Mr. Niederberger’s video question, “Would you make it a priority in your first year of office to reinstate net neutrality as the law of the land? [Read Full Article]

LOST Runs Silent, Runs Deep

According to Senator Jon Kyl, the entire Senate Republican leadership is now opposed to a controversial treaty supported by the President and an implausible alliance of special interests – from the U.S. Navy to Greenpeace. At a joint press conference last Wednesday, he was one of several Senators to declare that, as a result, supporters would be unable to muster the necessary 67 votes for ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). Yet, it seems not one of the “establishment” media organs felt moved to report these momentous political developments.

More extraordinary still is the apparent news-blackout concerning the fact that virtually every Republican presidential candidate (with the surprising, and hopefully ephemeral, exception of Rudy Giuliani) has announced either outright opposition to the Treaty or deep misgivings about its inevitable effect: conferring more power on international organizations at the expense of U.S. sovereignty. Apart from a front-page article in the Washington Times last Friday and postings by an array of on-line news outlets, bloggers and a couple of newsletters, the so-called “mainstream media” have denied the American people virtually any information about LOST’s growing difficulties. [ Read Full Article ]

Pirates Seize Ship in Somalia

Pirates in Somalia hijacked a cargo ship with dozens of foreign crew members reportedly on board, officials said Tuesday.

The attackers seized the ship late Monday in the waters off the war-battered capital, Mogadishu, said Paddy Ankunda, a Somalia spokesman for the African Union, which has peacekeepers at the city’s port.

A cargo trader who works at the port said the ship was from South Korea, with 43 foreign crew members on board. The trader, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to feared reprisals from the pirates, said the ship had been carrying a load of sugar from India. Both spoke by telephone from Mogadishu. [ Read Full Article ]

 Poor children now majority in Southern public schools

WASHINGTON – For the first time in more than 40 years, the majority of children in public schools in the South are poor, according to a report released Tuesday.In 11 Southern states, including Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida, a significant increase in the number of poor children attending public school has sent district officials scurrying for solutions on how to best educate kids who are coming from economically disadvantaged homes.

“The future of the South’s ability to have an educated population is going to depend on how well we can improve these students’ education,” said Steve Suitts, a program coordinator with the Atlanta-based Southern Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on Southern educational issues and conducted the study.

Michelle Malkin has more on education woes.

Oh, criminey. Just what American high school students need: “Less homework, more yoga:”

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Being geographically isolated from the United States puts our territories at higher risks.

U.S. territory hits ‘amnesty’ as threat

A U.S. territory in the Pacific is battling to stop Congress from imposing federal guest-worker rules and an “amnesty” for current temporary workers, saying aliens could then use the territory as an entry point to get into other places in the U.S.

The government of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) says two bills working their way through Congress to impose federal immigration law on the territory would go back on the 1976 convention with the U.S. and put the islands’ economy, already reeling, into a tailspin.

I ask again, as I’ve asked so many times before: Which country does Congress represent? Or perhaps I should say entity considering the long reach of the United Nations. Not only are they desiring to impose a hated amnesty bill upon this country, they are forcing it on our territories, too.

“We think we’re much better qualified to administer to our own needs, as opposed to bureaucratic federal offices 9,000 miles away,” said Richard Pierce, a special assistant to CNMI Gov. Benigno R. Fitial. “Before this is done, people with expertise in immigration should be working with these congressional committees to make sure they truly understand this is going to create a new class of permanent residents we’ve never had before.”

But those pushing the bill say CNMI, which currently writes its own rules for immigration, is a magnet for human trafficking and is a huge hole in U.S. homeland security. (emphasis mine) They say the only solution is to impose the U.S. federal immigration system, which would include a new legal status for some long-term foreign workers.

“The CNMI’s immigration system must be federalized as soon as possible,” David B. Cohen, an Interior Department official, told the Senate at a hearing in July.

Congress has given up hope for a broad immigration bill this year, but the CNMI bills could turn into another round in the immigration debate, particularly if the legislation includes a new legal status for some of the islands’ current guest-workers.

Isn’t that a little bit like the old taxation without representation travesty that brought about the Revolutionary War?

And, as if that isn’t enough:

Conquering America

The Mexican government apparently has no problem with its citizens penetrating the U.S. border by the millions. In fact, it’s been written that increasing the number of Mexicans working illegally in America is among Mexico’s highest foreign-policy objectives.

Yet now comes congressional testimony from Jess T. Ford, the Government Accountability Office’s director of international affairs and trade, that “Mexican sensitivity about its national sovereignty” has made it difficult for the two countries to coordinate counternarcotics activities.

Mexican sensitivity? About its national sovereignty? What about ours?

It’s about time somebody asked about ours. Wonder what took them so long.

Offtopic: There’s another, unrelated article just under the one quoted. It’s an interesting read as well.


Nothing highlights the death so much as the events at an Emory University lecture as part of the Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. The event began in this manner:

As soon as Horowitz was introduced, protesters began their efforts with loud boos and chants of “Heil Hitler.” Despite the people who stood with their backs to Horowitz and the shouting of obscenities and other remarks from audience members, Horowitz attempted to deliver his speech that covered academic freedom and radical Islam. Considering the actions of the audience and the problem of universities only giving students half the story, Horowitz asked the audience, “How can you learn if you can’t see the arguments?” This event was a perfect example of the left’s intolerance to other points of view. Students who had the opportunity to ask questions they wrote down on index cards were never given the chance to hear them answered because of the actions of those who do not believe in free speech for those who hold opposing points of view.

About halfway through the article detailing the events there is this:

As soon as Horowitz commented on radical Islam waging war against the West, someone predictably yelled, “do you think it has anything to do with Israel’s treatment of Palestine?”  When Horowitz talked about Christians burning Jews at the stake during the crusades and Jews finding Muslims to be more hospitable, someone shouted “That’s exactly what Ann Coulter is calling for now.” When Horowitz mentioned that Jews and Christians are now treated as second class citizens in much of the Muslim world, a loud applause shot up from the audience. When Horowitz tried to bring up the treatment of women and issues such as female genital mutilation (FGM), the audience chanted, “That’s not Islam.”

“I’ve spoken at Emory University several times and I’ve never seen it this bad,” said Horowitz responding to the crowd as they shouted and jeered. “This is exactly what the fascists did in Germany in the 1930s.” The loud chants, sign-waving, and disruptive gestures continued to escalate from audience members until the atmosphere was so chaotic that even the police present were unable to subdue the crowd. Horowitz was led off stage and left the campus under tight security, and the event came to an abrupt end. After Senior Vice Provost for Community and Diversity Ozzie Harris announced that audience members should sit down and let the speech continue or risk being forcibly removed, protesters shouted, “Everybody stand up, they can’t take us all!” and “Stand up in solidarity!” At the end, when Horowitz’ speech could no longer continue, chants of “This is what democracy looks like” shot up throughout the audience.

Clearly Mr. Horowitz doesn’t have the right to free speech under the Bill of Rights in our Constitution.  He, as well as others present were shut down rather than allowed to speak. One of our rights under the Constitution is no longer guaranteed. Any opinion or thought that doesn’t reflect the left’s ideology is summarily shut down in any way possible.

Another attempt at shutting out happened on Capitol Hill . While some may argue that it was Code Pink’s right to free speech that was obstructed, if you watch the entire video, it was Farooz’s attempt to disrupt Ms. Rice’s testimony that was obstructing free speech. Farooz wanted to shut down the process with her antics… which she managed to do for two full minutes. While no one can know for certain, given the intensity of the verbal assault and Farooz’s demeanor, one has to wonder if Farooz might have physically attacked Rice had she been allowed to continue her assault in full view of members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Nor does anyone know how much the assault affected Ms. Rice’s ability deliver her testimony and answer succeeding questions. On HRP, Falcon believes there should be an investigation and I agree but there won’t be one. We all know it. Read some of the other comments there.

While the above are examples of overt obstruction of free speech, there are other ways it is obstructed. Consider the burial of facts in order to color news stories a certain way to fit a certain agenda, such as what happened with the Jena 6 Story and the Duke Rape Case. Consider the Scott Beauchamp Story which is still reverberating through the media.

The death of free speech is a sad thing to behold. One can only imagine what will replace her. I’ll leave such imaginings to sturdier hearts than mine.

Sometimes, such support doesn’t come in the form of supporting the active duty military but those who have served and often times forgotten afterwards; our veterans.

Operation Stand Down Nashville has been operating in the Middle Tennessee area since 1993. In 1999 it became a full time agency working with homeless veterans to help them become vital parts of the communities where they live. They provide clothing, job seeking assistance, transitional housing, and much more. Every year at this time, they hold an Annual Event offering a number of services that they provide one on one throughout the year.

They help so many but now they are the ones in need of help.  Their letter can explain it better than I:

OSDN became a full-time agency in 1999 with tremendous support from the City of Nashville and its public housing department, MDHA.  We are currently located in an older building that is set to be remodeled.  As part of the remodeling, MDHA will put in a medical clinic where we currently have our downstairs offices and return our current upstairs offices to apartments.  They have asked us to move before September 30, 2008.  The OSDN Board of Directors is actively seeking our own Service Center location so that we can continue our current services to veterans as well as be able to expand services for future veterans.  For more information on OSDN and our services for veterans, please visit our website at or at

The OSDN Board of Directors has set a goal to be in our own Service Center by mid-summer 2008.  Toward that end we are asking your help in locating a suitable space.  Our basic needs:

  • – a minimum of 7,000 square feet of office space with at least 30 parking spaces

  • – on a major bus line

  • – in an area bounded by downtown, I-440, the VA Hospital and Murfreesboro Road

We also need your financial support to make this happen.  We estimate $1,000,000 is needed to purchase, move and renovate.  We would like to name the Service Center in honor of a very special person!  If you know of a special donor who has the means to provide for a Veterans Service Center, please contact me.  We plan to honor all who provide financial support for our new Service Center by creating a Hall of Heroes where donors will be honored as follows: 

            Gold Level         $5,000 or more donors will have a special plaque with their picture or that of an honoree mounted in the Service Center.

            Silver Level       $1,000 or more donors will have their name or that of an honoree inscribed on a brick to be used to build our Hall of Heroes.

            Bronze Level     $100 or more donors will have their name or that of an honoree mounted on a plaque to be mounted in the Service Center.

Contact me for special acknowledgement of donations above the Gold level or for sponsorship options.  If you know of a location that might be a good fit for OSDN or if you want to get involved helping OSDN in this, please contact me directly at (615) 321-3919.

Thank you for your continued support,


William J. Burleigh

Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Retired

Executive Director

“Since 1993, helping the community reestablish ties with its veterans”

If you live in Tennessee or just want to donate to a good cause, this is one worth investing a few dollars. If you live in Nashville and know of a place that might be suitable, that would be wonderful as well.

Bear with me. I like the look of the other one… for those who saw it… but the comment section is a little wonky. You see the smileys, then it looks blank until you scroll all the way to to bottom. So… got some tweaking to do until it’s functional.


UPDATE: I’ve scratched the idea of the new template for functional reasons. So… we’re stuck with this one until I build a new one. While I’m working on the template here, remember I also blog over at Hang Right Politics. As a matter of fact I put a post up there yesterday. Enjoy!!!!

I went to college late in life. I did not attend a conservative, or even a politically neutral, college. Being a military wife and mother at the time, I was limited in my choices by geography.

As an older adult, I can really sympathize with the younger students and the assault to their beliefs and how that assault shapes their future. They have little real life experience to anchor them solidly in reality, their previous years also spent within a closed education system.

In spite of having life experience and a set of beliefs that held me in good stead over the preceding years before entering college I found it difficult. Sometimes the attacks  to your logic and beliefs are subtle, sometimes very direct. The only refuge from such attacks were the science or math courses and sometimes not even there. I’m not really much of a mathmetician but heading into to a calculus class after a previous quarter of philosophy, psychology and sociology, was a relief.

Going into the particulars of the assaults to belief systems and life experience would take a book. However, it has been sufficiently covered in many publications both online and offline. The cognitive dissonance experienced can be mind numbing and somewhat disabling. Oh, one can certainly function at nominal levels for every day life but moving beyond that to anything worthwhile is as great a struggle as what we’ve gone through making a difference in Iraq. You’re conditioned to not think beyond the “facts” as presented and, if you want to succeed, you shape everything you say and do around those “facts.” I did well at that once I learned “the secret.” 

In a somewhat humorous way, it might explain why most Republicans are older than the average Democrat. It takes that life experience missing in younger adults who have spent the greater part of their lives in the education system to bring about the wisdom to know that communism/socialism at any level doesn’t work for the long term.

In spite of the fact that it has failed time and again, its proponents continue attempts to create such a system world wide… the one world government ideology or Obama’s “Kingdom on Earth” vision.

In a recent conversation with someone, we began discussing Communism/Socialism. It didn’t surprise me to hear “we should learn how to make communism and capitalism work together.” You have no idea how many times I heard that same talking point for four years of undergraduate study… well, perhaps you do.  

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Below is the Communist Party Platform for 2004. Read it and compare it to what is being pushed in the newly Democratic majority in Congress.

Build Unity! Defeat Bush and the Ultra Right!
What we need today — a program for working people
This is no ordinary election year. Across our country, people are searching for security, hope and peace.

The George W. Bush administration and the Republican controlled Congress have delivered unemployment, economic insecurity, inequality, fear and war. Instead of freedom and democracy, the people of our country and the world have been subjected to unilateral military aggression and curtailment of democratic rights based on lies and deceit. The young generation is being shut out of education and good job opportunities.

These policies are not accidents. They flow from a campaign by the biggest, most aggressive capitalist interests for complete control over all the world’s resources, markets and labor. The shocking disparity between wealth and poverty worldwide, and the never-ending search for new sources of profit, set the stage for sharp conflict.

The 2004 elections are a test of history in our country’s quest to build a democracy “of, by and for the people.” For too long, big money corporate politics has turned away millions of voters from participation. In 2000 the Supreme Court disregarded the voters’ choice and installed George W. Bush. Now is the time for all democratic minded people to stand united, march on ballot boxes and vote in massive numbers to defeat right-wing Republican control of the White House and Congress.

Nothing can be taken for granted. No state should be conceded in this national crusade to take our country back from extremist, life-threatening policies.

The power of the movement to defeat Bush on November 2 goes far beyond this election. The new alliance of labor, African American, Latino, women, youth, seniors, glbt, peace and environmentalists who make up this movement holds in its hands the potential to win much bigger change. The upsurge of independent activity to defeat the ultra-right opens new possibilities toward a people’s party free of transnational domination.

The need for a system free of exploitation, racism, militarism and profit-driven policies that burden our country today is on the agenda for consideration, discussion and action.

Throughout our history, the Communist Party has recognized the need for fundamental change with a vision of a socialist United States built on the foundations of our Bill of Rights. In 2004, we project a program to meet the immediate needs of the people of our country.

The bottom line in this election year is that the devastating, dangerous, anti-human, Bush/ultra-right agenda be delivered a resounding defeat. The entire world is watching.

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