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lobbyist, nor even an NRA official. The best speaker, hands down, was a young army NCO. Everyone I asked agreed with that assessment. I can’t express in words how amazingly his speech, his story, his utter love for this country moved me. [snip]

This young NCO, a man I won’t identify by name to a wide audience until I get his permission, [editor’s note: our hero’s name is Sgt. 1st Class Greg Stube, and you can read more about him here. Our thanks to for pointing us to this article.]  told of his massive injuries while fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Trying to relay his story here seems futile. I can’t match in print the emotion of the man nor the way I felt about him even were I a better writer. I don’t think anyone could. But I will try and tell you a little about what he went through. [snip]

I doubt his message will breach the tin ears of the antiwar left. But his courage, his love of his family, country and freedom pushes me to write. I ask the antiwar left, and I urge others to ask, listen to the soldiers.
Right now, the overwhelming majority of them find value in their mission to fight terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq. I agree. If I ever get the sense from them, the genuine belief that they don’t support the mission I will be the first to stand up and say bring them home immediately. Until then can you on the left stop “supporting them” by insisting you know more than they do about the work they are doing?
If they tell us they are fighting al Qaeda can the MSM please stop writing articles about how they are not really fighting al Qaeda? Can Michael Ware please refrain from making hyperventilating statements like “the streets were rivers of blood” as he did a few days ago on CNN?  Can you at the New York Times and Time magazine just take a few moments to rethink the de-legitimization of our brave soldiers strategy your are employing when you call them uneducated, unemployable, untrained, too afraid to speak up against the president “cooking the book” stooges of George Bush?
I am not asking you to love the war. I am asking you to listen to a man who watched his guts leak from his body to protect that freedom of the press you use to attempt to dishonor him.


I agree with these sentiments. Follow the links inside the quote and listen, just listen to this young man. Using Media Player was a a little wacky but if you forward all the way to the end of the 6:10 clip it rebuffers and opens with the introduction for Sgt. 1st Class Stube. Read the full article from which the extensive quotes are taken. These are the people that people who support love to hate.

Also read: Return on Success? Then think about this: Transcript: Ahmadinejad Interview, Part 1 then take a look here. When actions don’t match the words, it’s best to believe the actions rather than the words. Anybody can talk the talk in this day and age but can you walk it, too? Sgt. 1st Class Stube can and has, as have all our troops.

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