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Daily Archives: September 7, 2007

I’m still working on my multipart blog article. It’s slow going because I procrastinate. Anytime I try to write something that comes from deep thinking and from the heart, it’s usually that way… sorry.

However, another in the meantime I thought I’d point out a few good reads.

 Illegal Aliens Declare War on the United States, Part II

The case of Media Bias or more proof of such. Take your pick.

More Training for Illegal Aliens (O’Reilly Video)

Fred Thompson Interview with Byron York of National Review Online.

Interview of Guiliani. Subject: Immigration

Go(re)ing Green

Stocks Drop After Weak Jobs Report

Supervisor Ammiano drafting legislation for ID card for illegals also here: Common Sense America

In addition, I have some questions… random musings.

Why is it a crime that Fred Thompson chose the Tonight Show with an average 5.9 million viewers over a Fox Debate with 3.4 million viewers?

If the American people don’t trust the government anymore don’t you think it stands to reason they don’t trust the media either since they have become biased and rather preachy as well? Why doesn’t the media get it? Especially when you read facts such as these: More Media Mentions of GOP Senator’s Sex Scandal Than Dems Criminal Fund Raiser.

Why is it that celebrities have become the “conscience” of the nation when it comes to politics but when one seeks the presidency, there’s something wrong with being a celebrity? I’m really tired and bored out of my skull with every reference to the “Law and Order” actor. Giuliani lost a few more points in my estimation with his crack during the debates… not that he had many points to start with. Fred handled it gracefully, in my opinion, by refusing to lob back the same sort of insults.

What country does the government represent because it sure isn’t ours?

Does anybody else find it ironic that we fought a revolution for less cause than we have now to fight another one?

Why does wealthy L.A. need $4 billion? Could it be Kennedy envy?

Why is it that some NFL Players can be villified for appearing with the President of the United States while others get a pass for committing truly heinous acts?

How many of you like Rush Limbaugh the way I do? How many of you think he’ll win that Nobel Peace Prize this year?

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