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I recently signed up for email updates from the Patriot Post . Today I was browsing through the reader comments on various articles available on the site. I thought I’d put up a few ideas some of them had for discussion here.

Subject: Congressional Pork
Comment: Maybe Atty Gen’l Gonzalez should borrow Bush’s war strategy and go on the offensive against Congress. He could appoint special prosecutors to explore the criminal aspects of Murtha’s non existent company, Diane Feinsteins funneling contracts to her husband’s companies and Senator Reid’s land deals. I’m sure there are a host of other members of congress who might also be vulnerable to close scrutiny.

League City, Texas

Subject: racial profiling
Comment: I am a fat, frumpy, middle-aged white woman with red hair and freckles. If a someone matching my description committed a crime, I would be unhappy but not surprised to find myself a suspect. If a million fat, frumpy, middle-aged white women were sneaking across the border, would it be racial profiling for the authorities to take a closer look at me?

San Leon, Texas

Subject: Immigration
Comment: In Hazelton, they cannot pass a law that forbids businesses from hiring illegal aliens because they don’t have jurisdiction on federal issues and laws, but in New Haven, they can pass an ordinance to help the illegal alien get access to opening bank accounts etc. Why is it that New Haven can interfere with federal law, but Hazelton cannot help enforce federal law/

Loveland, Colorado

Subject: Contempt of Congress
Comment: Contempt of Congress is a “crime”? And all this time I thought it was indicative of good judgment and patriotism. I guess most of us are going to jail! –Mount Sinai, New York

Subject: Agriculture Dept. Constitutional?
Comment: The Agriculture Dept. has been giving money to dead farmers. Over $1 billion from 1999 to 2005. How about eliminating the dept? Does anyone know which section of the Constitution authorizes an agriculture dept? –Cheyenne, Wyoming

Subject: Ultimate spin
Comment: If the term “spin” means an attempt to point the finger of guilt in any direction but at yourself, Reid’s ridiculous statement that Congress’s well deserved low approval rating is all President Bush’s fault is both the ultimate absurdity and the classic “spin” of all time. –Lakeside, Arizona

Subject: Mandates for Government
Comment: “Today’s federal government is too big, too powerful, and too expensive because it is doing things beyond the scope of the Constitution. This is foolish and it is dangerous.” –newly elected Georgia Rep. Paul Broun

He has it exactly right. I’m glad to hear that someone headed to DC say so. If only a majority there believed it and did the right thing about it. –North Webster, Indiana


Or this week’s reading list, if you prefer. 

I thought, given the absolute bust all of last week was, I’d be behind in the news and happenings but, really, I’m not. It’s more of the same that’s been happening for too long to recount. Pelosi and Company are still trying to defeat the U.S without regard to the future consequences of their actions and others are still trying to ram illegal aliens down our throat without thought to the real world consequences of their imported slave class (hubby just lost two days pay from the salmonella incident but it could have been worse, it could have happened on a Monday losing him the entire week).

This morning I learned that Fred Thompson is a Neocon. I suppose you could consider that is new. I’ve heard this term so much in the last few years that I’ve become sick of it in addition to not really understanding what it meant. Apparently I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what it means because basically it has become an insult to anybody who doesn’t agree with the leftist agenda.  If it wasn’t for the MSM’s obsession with the war in Iraq, I doubt we’d hear much about it. It certainly doesn’t affect our day to day lives as much as say, illegal aliens taking the jobs “Americans Won’t Do”  or worries over identity theft. It’s not the outsourcing, folks, it’s the location. What legal recourses do we have if this company in Nogales, Mexico decides to sell the information?

I’m particularly tired of the scandal-mongering. I’m not sure who threw the first piece of personal mud at which political opponent when but it’s gotten to a point where issues are neglected in favor of how much mud can be thrown and made to stick. For example, I could possibly support Congress’ war against Alberto Gonzales if it was actually a worthy endeavor to accomplish something besides embarrassing Bush. It’s not as if Gonzales has done anything noteworthy as the Attorney General nor anything truly reprehensible, for that matter. He’s just… there… filling up space; a weak ally. However, it’s more of the same Schumer claiming he was duped and thereby the entire Democratic Party. If I were Schumer, I wouldn’t worry so much about being duped as to how dumb, as well as immature, I looked saying such publicly. Speaking of immature, Mark Steyn has provided an excellent example. In addition, when how a person looks becomes infinitely more important than a person’s brain and competency, we have the answer to why incompetence has afflicted every facet of American life. Given the fact that health care is a big issue on the liberal agenda, I suppose a little discrimination is okay. How come no one ever talks about the health benefits of happiness? Michael Barone says America is in a funk and that we should get out of it. I often wonder what a study of the effects of the constant discrimination to which overweight people are subjected would produce. Too bad I’m no longer in psychology. It would be interesting to find out.

Remember when Gore caused an uproar because he lost the 2000 election, an event that was to be repeated with the ’04 election when Kerry lost? How the Democrats cried, “Fraud, fraud, fraud?” Yet, in the end, Bush was declared the elected official. I suppose the Democrats must be desperate. Projection can be so much fun until it comes back to bite you in the butt. You’d think they’d learn from the old saying: What goes around comes around. However, learning seems to be the last thing on the left’s minds.

To wrap up, I found two new sites today that I found interesting: The Political Arena and Liberal to English Dictionary. The latter site is down at the moment but it was there. I promise.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging. I have been trying to keep up with the latest stupidity news but it’s really hard. JamesC should be better in another 3-5 days. At least he wasn’t hospitalized.

Apparently, illegal immigrants strike again. The good news is the truck will no longer be allowed on any of the construction sites anymore. One person so afflicted can’t go back to work for 7 days and the kicker is: he can’t even claim workmen’s comp because he wasn’t on company time. No one gets paid for the lunch break.

The biggest problem is, because of this great big melting pot we live in, the relaxations of requirements for legal residency, you don’t know… until something like this happens… that they are illegal. I guess, basically, the government needs to see a bunch of us killed off before they’ll admit there’s a problem with importing millions of people who can’t speak the language and don’t care about our laws and regulations?

On top of that, because of other laws, we (the actual citizens) can’t do anything about it because we could land ourselves in court for discrimination. We can’t, for instance, patronize only establishments that have white or black people as workers without the risk of being brought up on discrimination charges, considering not all the so-called brown skins are illegals and we have to become ill or die before we know one way or the other. 

In short, the government has us coming and going but the illegals get a free ride.

New Category added.

Technology is a wonderful thing. Internet technology especially gives us the tools to communicate with other like minded individuals no matter where in the world they are. It can also have devastating effects when used for obfuscating facts, outright lies, or underground politics, such as the recent claim that the DailyKos advocated a violoent overthrow of the government, to gain some advantage over someone or something else.

I looked at the Kos site this morning after hearing that but didn’t find any recent reference to such a thing. Does that mean that Kos never had it up there? No, not really. A google search netted this. Whether there was anything more, who knows? I know the DailyKos has gotten a reputation calling for the deaths of political figures so I suppose one could call that advocating a violent overthrow of the government since any such deaths would likely cause extreme crises within the government.

Google searches can usually provide some clues as to whether something was on the internet at one time or another, even if the link being provided is no longer a viable link. Google also caches pages. My favorite, however, is the screenshot. I use a free program called 20/20 which is quite old by computer standards and may be difficult to find and download now, but still works very well for my purposes. With a screenshot you can save your evidence to a floppy disk (if you still have one on your system), a cd, or a dvd. Thus it becomes a permanent record of activities that you may need to provide factual information about.

I once had a discussion about screenshots versus saved web pages. The other person argued that saved webpages don’t make large files such as full page screenshots make. This is true, however, when you pull the saved files up on your computer they no longer show the original source of the page but show your computer as the source. A screenshot, if done right, has a permanent record of the original source… because you took a picture of it and you don’t have to be a photoshop expert to hit a “Print Screen” button. Another drawback of the saved webpage is that it is editable once saved, so you’ll have to deal with counterarguments and accusations of such.

The advent of internet technology has made it nearly impossible for the media to keep their stranglehold on the American public. It’s quite likely the same kinds of “revolutions” are taking place in practically every country in the world that is “hooked” into the internet.  People no longer take everything the media says as gospel, whether it is liberally or conservatively biased. Unless you’re extremely gifted at tracking others through the internet, tracks, posts, webpages, statements, or anything else of that nature can be erased and you are left with such resources as Google’s cached pages, the Wayback Machine, and other such tools for re-finding that specific information and all of which can be extremely time consuming, depending how old the information is and if you have a good idea of the time frame of its appearance on the web.

So the message for today in this new category is: Get screenshots, folks! You’ll always have a permanent record of what was said by whom, when, why, and how. You never know when they might come in handy.  In fact, I’d recommend both a saved webpage and screenshots. The saved webpage will give you easy access to any linked references within the page while the screenshots give you the evidence that the page has not been tampered with.

When I first read this story published on the Weekly Standard, my first thought was for the family members.  I’m a big supporter of free speech but I believe freedom of speech should also be tempered with discretion. Just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should or must.

Thomas’ anonymity is protected by the liberal rag magazine who is printing the garbage  blogger’s story. Who protects those family members from the people who believe it? Not only do such stories create chisms and doubts within families, it opens those families up to verbal and physical attacks by the so-called peaceniks (who never seem to have a problem with physcial and verbal attacks on anyone who doesn’t agree with them).

While the story being written about will most likely prove to be false, the damage it can do in the meantime and afterwards by those who will believe it no matter what,  is immeasurable. If I were to, even inadvertently hurt an unknown number of people, with my words in such a manner, I would hang my head  in shame.

Yet, I’ve come to realize it’s par for the course for the liberal media. It doesn’t matter how many lives they damage, who they hurt (including the children of our military personnel), or what they have to say is true or false, as long as the end result is what they want.

One of the traits that define us as human beings is the ability to feel shame. Therefore, the liberals must not be human since they apparently have none. I could also make the observation that liberals are a lazy and gullible bunch because they’ll believe anything as long as they don’t have to work their brains too hard to figure it out for themselves. Subhuman or stupid? Their choice.

Granted, I’m no political expert but does it really make sense for him to announce now when there are already 10 candidates in the field and debates leave people unsatisfied except for a slightly closer looks at the frontrunners, and he’s doing just fine without announcing?

Amid accusations of avoiding filing, trophy wife, abortion lobbying, and other such attacks, there’s one thing for certain: politicians are afraid of Fred.

When you have the political analysts confused, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Everybody asks the wrong question. They keep asking when, when they should be asking why should he?

He is getting more coverage as a potential candidate than he would get as an announced candidate in an already crowded field. Not filing keeps the Democrats off balance, too, since they seem to own the bragging rights to money raised. If he doesn’t file, nobody knows what he has in his coffers and he has more time to budget his campaign wisely instead of spending inordinate amounts on ads that will compete with more than a dozen other ads for air time, considering we’re still seven months out from early primary elections. With all the falderol over the amount of campaigning already being done, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that there is an awful lot of time between now and the primaries.

What’s the hurry? The longer he waits, the clearer it becomes that no one is satisfied with any of the announced candidates on either side, Democrats or Republicans, considering Al Gore has garnered 13.3% of the Democratic support and Thompson has 20% with Gingrich 6%  of the Republican support.

In the meantime, he’s attending numerous functions as a guest speaker and steadily gaining support where ever he goes. What more could you ask from a fellow who seeks to lead the rest of us for at least 4 years?

For myself, I’m content to wait for the campaign to ramp up.

I once owned this site, Writing Wise, but gave it to a friend of mine who wanted to pursue a different course in the normal writing sites arena.  She contacted me asking if some of my visitors might be interested in contributing to the message board. The message board is totally private. You won’t be able to access anything until after you register.

This site is not a political site. However, as bloggers you spend a good deal of your time writing and perfecting your writing. You have valuable tips and tricks which she’d like you to share with her readers on the board. You can also learn better writing skills and marketing your work to perhaps take your blogging to new and higher levels.

Most, if not all, the members are published writers in either nonfiction or fiction, including the owner. Some work in P.R., some in books, some in the media… to include entertainment.

So, if you have an inclination to help others with blogging, get help with your own writing, or just have a little fun away from the political grind, head on over and join.

My last post was extremely long so I left it at the top to give it time to sink in. I spent the free time dialoguing on a number of other blogs. The experience has left me ambivalent, to say the least. Not only am I personna non grata on most lefty sites, I’m apparently personna non grata on righty sites as well. It seems extremism is alive and well on both sides of the political continuum. If you don’t toe the extremists’ party lines, then you must be stupid.

Extremism accomplishes nothing but more extremism. It’s easy to be extreme; not so easy to find practical solutions to extreme problems. In fact, extremism prevents practical solutions by its very nature.

An example of my experience is something I said about Frontpage Magazine, an online magazine, because, while their facts are indisputable, I think they go overboard with the fear factor. There’s a point where the level of fear can be so immobilizing that nothing is accomplished and I feel they tip in that direction. In spite of that, they have been linked on this site since it began because the site does have value. However, that critique netted me a response that basically used a lot of big words to call me stupid for my opinion… pretty much something I’ve come to expect from leftist sites.

Another time, I was called a pinko leftist for pointing out the fact that abortion should be left up to the states and that it is a neverending battle with no federal legislative solution.

Still another time, I was again called a leftist for suggesting a new approach to the Iraq War.

So, here I sit wondering what’s the point when extremists from both sides are ripping out the rest of us in their quests to destroy each other. This type of behavior is why I’ve always registered Independent. I’m decidedly conservative in my views and probably should be registered as a Republican but I simply can’t when extremism has taken over that party much as it has the Democrats.

At this point, I’m ready to just quit, get some guns and hunker down while the extremists kill each other off. Then the rest of us can get to work and put the country back together, if there’s anything left by the time they’re done. 🙁 

July 2007


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