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No, he didn’t announce today. I expected that. It was a long wait but fun because I met some neat people I might not otherwise have met. Folks, I’ve come to realize I’ll never be a photographer of any skill so, please, look over my poor skills.

The first were the fellow bloggers with their FredHead signs. What a couple of sweethearts they were:

The lady on the right has worked tirelessly in the draft Fred Thompson campaign long before the press began talking about it.

Second wasn’t such a pleasant meet up but interesting nonetheless. No picture because it was press of some sort. She didn’t deign to introduce herself but did ask me why I support Fred and I answered, “He’s a Federalist, first and foremost.” At her blank look, I added, “Small government, states rights.” She looked like she had swallowed something unpleasant. I suppose an answer such as that coming from someone carrying a “ is With Fred” sign shouldn’t know such big words? Or perhaps she didn’t know what they meant. In any case, she asked me my name… which I had to spell for her… and went on her way to interview someone else.

I did get into a discussion with someone about Thompson versus Romney and gave him my take on Romney which I gather wasn’t what he wanted to hear. I sorta like Romney but I just don’t think he can handle a rabid Congress and that’s what we’re stuck with, folks. Fred has that extra little something this country needs right now. Perhaps another time, Romney would do but not this time.

The next person I actually hugged. He was dressed in his naval uniform; a World War II vet:  He was so proud to be able to speak to Fred. I had some other pics of this man but apparently my camera had shut off unnoticed. He posed for me holding up an award he had received from Senator Thompson and we talked for a little while. He told me all his friends were dead and that he was active in the veteran community. He has cataracts in his eyes but he’s still standing strong. I gave him a hug and said thank you for being you. I managed to maneuver behind Fred and Kenneth(the veteran) to get this shot and I curse my poor photography. The look on Kenneth’s face was priceless.

 There was also this lady who knew Fred from a long time ago. His older children went to school where her children attended:   That says a lot to me that she came to this meetup for Fred and was quite willing to talk about what she knew about him.

There were signs all over the place but my favorite was this one:

 It reads: I’m a Fearless, Frank, Reliable, Ready, Educated, Equipped, and Dreaded by Democrats, FredHead.

Another favorite was of one that the pic didn’t turn out which upset me. It was an old sign; a sign that was made in 1996 for Fred’s run for the Senate, revived in the next election, and brought out again for 2008. They showed the lady on the news so all you Tennessee bloggers got a good look at it. Not too sure about anybody else.

They really did have donuts, as well as some other goodies, like bumper stickers:

  But no coffee… at least none that I could see.

In the background of the above pic you’ll see a man rolling up a scroll. That scroll represents the petition that was begun during the Cookeville Rally last month. It’s cloth and has been signed by lots of people. It is very long. I estimate it was about 20 feet long when it was stretched out. Here’s another view of the upper part of it. They hung it up on a tree outside Mercury Air:

Now this little lady was just adorable. I’ve always been a sucker for red hair. Just ask my hubby.

Here she is again with her mommy and posing with Fred:

There were some neat stickers people brought with them. Some of my pics didn’t turn out well enough to edit but here are two of them.


Okay, so enough of that, right? What about Fred? Well, here are two shots I got before he was completely inside the building.


I was impressed with the care he showed his family, holding onto his little girl’s hand. Considering the position to which I had manuevered she struck me as a little shy and rather solemn. The news images of Mrs. Thompson really don’t do her justice.

The first up to speak to Fred was the veteran whose picture was posted above. After they talked for a moment, Fred made a little speech which didn’t say anything more than he’d already said in other places and venues. I’m glad I wasn’t expecting anything more. I would have been disappointed otherwise. He talked to a few more people who had come to meet him and made his way slowly out the door to meet others who weren’t allowed inside because they ran out of room.

I did shake his hand in that line towards the door and had a second chance outside but turned it down. I probably shocked him with that, because as he reached for my hand I pulled back and pointed to someone else and said, “Please, don’t bypass that fellow.” Fred was very gracious and turned immediately toward the fellow, shook his hand, struck up a conversation, and autographed the sign the man was carrying.

Here’s a pic of that man:

All in all, Senator Thompson probably thought I was something of a lunatic because that wasn’t my last bit of rudeness. Remember the FredHead Ladies? Well, they had been trying forever to get close enough to shake Fred’s hand and couldn’t seem to manage it for being pushed aside by the crowd, so I elbowed my way through and tapped him on the back to turn his attention toward them. I felt the least they deserved was a handshake for all the work and encouragement they were giving to him.

It was a good way to spend a morning although, even though I didn’t expect it, I was still slightly disappointed that he didn’t announce something besides the fact that he’s opening offices in Nashville. If there was something new to report about what he’s saying, I didn’t hear it, then or on the news this evening.  So here’s a last picture and probably one of the best I took today. He does seem to be enjoying the support, doesn’t he?

Update: Here’s a link to a news video… it shows the man in the wheelchair getting his sign autographed.

It shows me, too, but I’m not gonna say where  🙂 .

California Councilwoman Faces Deportation for Voting When Not a U.S. Citizen

LOS ANGELES —  All of her life, Zoila Meyer believed she was an American. She even won election to the City Council of Adelanto.

But now she is facing a threat of deportation for illegally voting, because she never became a citizen after being brought to this country from Cuba when she was 1 year old.

“To be honest with you, I’m scared. How can they just pluck me out of my family, my kids?” the 40-year-old mother of four said in a telephone interview Friday.

“If they can do this to me, they can do it to anybody,” she said.

After Meyer was elected to the council in Adelanto in 2004, someone told officials that she was born in Cuba, prompting an investigation.

Eventually, “the police came to me and said, ‘Zoila, you’re not a citizen. You’re a legal resident but you’re not a citizen,”‘ said Meyer, who now lives in the San Bernardino County desert town of Apple Valley, near Adelanto.

I wonder how much this has to do with the bill Tancredo sponsored that will cut off funds to sanctuary cities? Go, Tancredo, Go!

Cross posted from Draft Fred Thompson

“People have been asking about the next “Rally”. It looks like this is it and Fred will be there.

Come greet Fred Thompson and show him we are proud to see him moving towards the White House!”

Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Mercury Air Center, Nashville International Airport
635 Hangar Lane, Nashville TN 37217

Donuts & Coffee provided, along with the chance to meet Fred!

From I-40
take Donelson Pike, Exit 216, toward the Airport (south)
Then right onto Hangar Lane – then stay to the right at the fork
Mercury Air Center, Nashville International Airport
635 Hangar Lane, Nashville TN 37217

(H/T: Elect Fred Thompson)
(Trucker Cap available at Cafe Press)

God willing I’ll be there with my camera.

In my usual surfing this morning for newsworthy but not widely reported events, I happened upon this.

The Ethicist’s Objectivity

Now, I could care less about whether journalists do or don’t contribute to whichever political party gets them excited. However, what does concern me is this little section right here:

When Dedman inquired as to how that donation squares with the Times’ strict rule against giving to political campaigns, Dedman reports “Cohen said he thought of as nonpartisan and thought the donation would be allowed even under the strict rule at the Times.”

Now what concerns me about this particular passage is this man is a journalist; an apparently ignorant journalist. I don’t know about you but when journalist claim that kind of ignorance, their credibility goes straight down the toilet. And people wonder why these leftwing biased media are struggling to make ends meet.  :roll: 

Let’s talk about Trent Lott for a few moments, from a somewhat personal perspective. Hurrican Katrina affected a lot of my husband’s family members; my inlaws. Three sisters, his mother, his father and his wife, and his three step brothers all suffered from Katrina so I have a slightly different look at it from the outside than many others might have… although nowhere near as good a perspective as those who lived through it.

Trent Lott made a real name for himself during that time, standing often upon the Gulf Shore in Mississippi. He talked a great game for sure and people looked up to him. So did Hayley Barbour whom many have forgotten since talk of the deadly hurricane has gone the way of other news of import.

Among the talk was calls for skilled trades workers to help come clean up the mess and rebuild. People started pouring in and were turned back, told they were no longer needed. Now, the reason why they weren’t is because while making those news stories calling for help, they were importing illegal aliens to do the jobs “Americans won’t do”. Now this is something not on the hush-hush with the MSM although it wasn’t given a great deal of coverage. One does have to wonder if Trent Lott saw the “value” of the labor of illegal immigrants at the time, keeping more dollars in his own pockets rather than cost effective for the state.

I don’t think any of the savings went to the state because: My father-inlaw is still waiting for assistance from the FEMA since his house was flooded, his roof damaged, and eventually knocked partially off its foundation. FEMA at one point told him he made too much money (He’s in his seventies and a retired war veteran) while awarding another man some $45,000 (who makes much more money than my father-inlaw). My father-inlaw and his wife live in that house, although it should be condemned, because it’s all they have. Neither are in very good health and I often wonder if FEMA is hoping they’ll die off before such stories become more scandals to add to FEMA’s woes. In addition to their tribulations, one of the sons suffered a stroke and spent time in the hospital. Another cut himself badly trying to repair the roof during the storm and had to spend time in the hospital. The third broke, iirc, his leg trying to repair the roof after the storm.

Another thing that happened during that time, in a different state, my mother-inlaw lost a good portion of the roof on her house. She had to stand out in the broiling sun to sign up for aid while constantly pushed to the back of the line because: “She wasn’t as needy as others.” My mother-inlaw gets around with the aid of a walker. Three days she stood in line just to be pushed further back. She finally gave up as her health deteriorated further from such treatment. I wrote letters and called people from here to get her the help she needed.

Now, given these circumstances, one must look at Homeland Security, under which FEMA now falls, and wonder how will they do anything towards securing the nation when FEMA, Trent Lott, and others handling the Katrina disaster were making use of illegal aliens to edge out citizens who were ready, willing, and able to do “the jobs for which they were turned down.”

Perhaps this small look into the world after Katrina explains some little bit about Trent Lott’s outlook toward illegal immigration. I have to confess I don’t know what his views were before Katrina because I’m not from Mississippi but perhaps…

Oh, by the way, I heard several complaints yesterday that calls to Trent Lott’s phone number gets you the automated message:  “no longer in service”. I haven’t tried it, yet, but will later today.

June 2007


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