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I thought for my weekend post, considering it’s Memorial Day Weekend, and we should honor our fallen military, I’d honor them by exposing an enemy of the state who has managed to steer clear of ever being caught at it. He’s so good at it, he’s fooled every president we’ve had since this man took a Senate seat and he always ends up on committees that will aid his socialist agenda, like the present Immigration Bill. I don’t believe it’s coincidence that he ends up authoring every Immigration Bill that’s been handed down to us at least since the 1986 Amnesty Bill.

Ted Kennedy

  • Democratic U.S. Senator from Massachusetts since 1962
  • Escaped manslaughter charges for a drowning incident in 1969 through political influence
  • Since 9/11, has been opposed to National Security measures including the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System
  • Described the 2003 war in Iraq as “a fraud”

Source: Discover the Networks

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And yet, this joker is still in office after 42 years, manages to attach himself to every major piece of legislation to come down the pipe since he first took office… in spite of the fact that he’s been wrong over and over and over again. The only thing he has done right in all these years was turn Reagan into a Republican.

Happy Reading, folks!

I have a theory why Kennedy keeps providing amnesty to masses upon masses of illegal aliens including a sizable number who are not friendly to the United States and it is: These kinds of people are easier to control. They come from countries who are totalitarian and socialist in nature. It’s what they’re used to; even the smallest improvement upon their former lives is a Godsend, and they’ll worship the person who gives it to them.

U.S. citizens on the other hand cut their teeth on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We look at democracy in the form of the majority rules. The majority rule, as of now, doesn’t allow far enough for a total socialist society here in the states… so… how do you get a majority in order to be able to instill a socialist agenda? Why, you have to import masses upon masses upon masses of immigrants from socialist nations. Those politicians seeking to recreate this nation into a socialist one will keep importing masses until they’ve reached critical mass–the number needed to become the majority rules to overide the wishes of the freedom loving folk like you and me. At this point those of us who publicly reject socialistic totalitarian rule and seek to fight against it will become declared enemies of the state with prices on our heads.

The problem comes in with them making it all sound so good to our politically untrained ears. Yeah, it sounds good until time after time you hear the same thing, then you start wondering, then looking, then researching, digging ever deeper into the past to see how we got to this point. Then you beging to see how we’ve been manipulated for decades and you hang your head in defeat thinking it’s too late.

I have days of hope and days of despair because each new move in our federal government takes us closer to that cliff edge of a New America built in the images of the old regimes that oppressed people so mightily that millions died of neglect, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Se Tung, and others.

This is not a new movement but a continual movement ever towards that cliff edge. It began many years ago, almost a century now, and continues. It’s a slow movement that has patience as a virtue as it slowly erodes the rights and the will of the people it seeks to suppress. It more recent years it has picked up a little steam, in succeeding years it will pick up more because people have been kept unaware of the snakes in their midst, protected from knowing too much about what’s happening to their country, lulled into thinking that they are being kind and generous to support all those poor people who deserve a better life. It’s all an illusion created by the enemies of freedom and democracy; a dream from which  the enemies’ leaders hope we’ll never wake up.

Have you ever heard the cliche, “Sometimes it’s necessary to be cruel to be kind”?

Let me close with a rhetorical questions:

If we didn’t allow the porous border for Mexican citizens to cross over here to escape the brutality of their existence in their own country, how long would it be before the country exploded into a civil war to overthrow their oppressed government? This question includes all those from the Middle East, Asian, and European countries who use those same borders because it’s cheaper than doing it legally and easier than staying to confront the madness in charge of their governments.

God Bless America! We’re going to need every blessing that He sees fit to bestow upon us to see us through this nightmare.

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