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Daily Archives: May 5, 2007

Before I started this blog and became an internet political activist/commentator I was involved in some other projects, one of which was bullying. My particular interest was in cyberbullying; by both adolescents and adults. In my research into that area, I found a site called Bully Online.

For this challenge I’d like to take you to two pages on that site. Read the contents and then apply the concepts there to the current political landscape.    All about the bully.   Why it’s so hard to combat.



Sometimes I’ll visit the blogs I have on my blogroll. This morning I hit Jules Crittendon’s blog to catch up with the last time I had visited. I wasn’t prepared for the video. I didn’t lose my stomach as I did with one linked under “Lest We Forget” . It was less graphic but I believe that one linked from Crittendon’s site actually affected me more because she was more helpless. If you don’t have a hard heart, don’t watch it. If you watch it anyway, be prepared. My husband, who always gets upset if I cry asked me why I watched it.  I replied, not watching it won’t make it go away.

Believe it or not there is a connection to the challenge and that video. It seems the news is full of Darfur these days, when we haven’t finished what we began in Iraq. While I sympathize with those people, too, there are only so many fires we can put out at one time. Turn your back on a smoldering fire and it flares up again.

I can’t believe the Democrats in Congress wish to leave Iraq in defeat with the job left unfinished so I turned to some old knowledge gained to find an answer.

For an added bonus here’s: .  It might be helpful, too.

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