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Immigration protests skip Nashville

Businesses say staffs on job, streets quiet

As immigrants gathered in cities around the nation Tuesday, the streets of Nashville were quiet.

There were no organized protests, no reports of mass worker shortages.

I wonder if it’s because we have guns.
Seriously, folks…

I am empathetic to many illegal immigrants’ plights. I truly am so to tell me I’m racist because I don’t agree with wholesale amnesty is to close minds before the practical sides are addressed.

While a great many, some would say the majority and I can live with that, come here only to have a better life, open borders means not only the criminal element from Mexico but terrorists from overseas as well. We are facing dangers we haven’t faced in decades and, yes, we have grown soft and complacent because of that fact. We let our guard down and are now reaping the rewards of lack of vigilance.

One angle I haven’t heard much about is the patriotic element. We have some 12-20 million undocumented aliens in this country. If we are at war and fighting breaks out in this country for whom will they fight? Us or the enemy? Or will they expect us to safeguard them while they lift not a finger? Our military is less than half a million people. Clinton did that while in office.  Right after 9/11 there were record making enlistments but the Clintonistas put a stop to that with their Bush lied propaganda. I don’t particularly care for Guiliani as a presidential candidate but he did get that right: The Democrats will go on the defensive if elected into office and a soft defensive at that.  We simply don’t have the resources to vet every illegal alien in this country to determine whether they are really here just to work or whether they are here to create chaos, terror, and commit other atrocities. I’m sorry but that’s just the way it is.

If these people have to suffer because we have to take steps to safeguard ourselves, I truly am sorry. However, why don’t they do something about their own country instead of running to ours? It’s called a revolution. France had one. England has had several. The United States had one, then a civil war to boot. If their government is that repressive that they send their own citizens here as castoffs, then it’s time to do something about it. To me, that makes more sense than running. Sooner or later you run out of places to go.

This argument of it was our land first doesn’t hold a lot of water with me considering it’s been centuries since it was.

The argument that they do work that Americans won’t do is hogwash, too. They do steal jobs from Americans and they undercut their wages. My husband is an electrician for one of the very few companies that will not hire illegal aliens. The company has to bid competitively with companies that do hire illegal aliens at low wages. Hubby hasn’t had a raise in 2 years and it’s likely to be several more before he gets one, while costs are going increasingly higher. That’s not unskilled labor we’re talking about here. At the project where my hubby is currently working, the entire crew of block layers are Mexicans. That’s not unskilled labor. You have to be trained in that work to be within building codes. The painters are Mexican, too.

Oh, and did I mention the criminal element? I’m sure I must have but just in case… Illegal immigrants kill people through gun violence, drunk driving, and here, in Nashville, even for for a traffic stop. Policemen have been shot, some killed because they pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation… the policemen here have the right to check their legal status. But they’re not criminals, right? Give me a break. That drunk driver in Virginia Beach who killed those two girls driving while under the influence was deported, right? He came back… and killed again while driving drunk… a 54 year old man who was crossing the street… but they’re not criminals, right?

Somebody tell me, exactly what does make them criminals, since illegally entering this country, obtaining false documents, engaging in identity theft, committing murder via drunk driving, and I could go on… are not consider criminal acts? If it were a United States citizen engaging those activities, he or she would be considered a criminal. So, you’ve got a choice here… nobody is a criminal or all of them are criminals, regardless of legal status or not.

Sanctuary cities are in violation of our immigration laws and many articles of the Constitution. While those cities have the right to do so, in my belief it is basically the same as secession from the Union, they no longer have the right to federal aid nor any of the benefits of the United States afforded to its citizens.  Declaring one’s city a sanctuary city, in essence, is to say that you are no longer part of the United States and will therefore, take care of yourself. No more federal or state aid should be made available to those cities and I don’t care where they are or how big they are. I don’t think you’d be very happy with that outcome would you, Mayor Newsom? (To name one stupid city official.)

The truth is, someone  could write a book on this subject and I don’t think a blog is the right medium to give it full justice. However, during the protests yesterday, a video of one protestor offered the word “empathy”. She wants empathy for the illegals. How much empathy should I give before expecting empathy in return? Will empathy make my country safe? Will open borders keep my children and grandchildren safe? At some point we have to take care of ourselves and our own before taking care of others. If we don’t, we will be eventually be unable to take care of anyone. So, put that in your empathy pipe and smoke it.

8 Responses to Immigration in Nashville

  • suek says:

    Secure the borders….then we’ll talk.

    The problem I see is that preferences for immigration are geared towards white collar workers. Whats coming across the border, and what we’re primarily employing is blue collar workers, or workers with no collars at all! These people (excluding criminals of whatever description) work hard, and their children or grandchildren are likely to become middle class citizens – but either we learn to do our own manual labor, or we’ll have to keep importing a new lower class. We need some mental readjustment ourselves. And yes – the movement into the trades is the first step to reaching middle class, so you’re right – they’re taking jobs that citizens definitely will take if the pay is there.

  • hillbilly says:

    Hubby has been an electrician for over 30 years. In ’96 he broke his back and was told he couldn’t do that work again… industrial… but he loved it so much he worked his way back into it as far as commercial work… now, somebody tell me how they can make an assumption that it’s work Americans won’t do?

    I think the problem is that society, in general, has learned that manual labor is somehow not worthy work. The problem with that is some people are more suited to manual labor than white collar offices… not because of intelligence because of them are extremely intelligent, including my husband, but because they are gifted in that field and it gives them a sense of satisfaction that pushing numbers around on a computer will never do. He has tried office work and didn’t care for it at all.

    I’m rather the same way, although what I do could still be considered office work, even in t-shirt and shorts, lol. I have a master’s degree but I’d rather be sitting here than sitting in an office listening to WASPs not work on their real problems.

  • Christi says:

    Funny isn’t it that all of a sudden – since our elected officials decided not to do their job – we’re being told we no longer want our jobs? Millions of Americans love working with their hands and you are so right when you say that they feel a “sense of satisfaction” in creating and doing rather than sitting at a desk. But our government has decided that, once again, they know what is best for Americans and we will only be allowed to do the jobs they feel we should do.

  • Goat says:

    Secure the borders and at the same time figure out how to bring the good ones into the system. The majority are good folks that want a better life, true, so we need to teach Mexico,etc, how to give their people a batter life . Calderone has promise, we’ll see.

  • hillbilly says:

    I don’t put any more faith in Calderone than I have in the others in the same positions but, like you said, we’ll see.

  • Gringo_Malo says:

    Two comments:

    1) They didn’t skip Nashville because y’all have guns. A whole bunch of here in Houston have guns, and we had illegal alien protests anyway.

    2) Don’t buy the line that the illegal aliens are “just searching for a better life.” Results count more than motives. You’ve mentioned some of the results, such as your husband’s effective pay cut. My job isn’t directly affected by illegal immigration, yet, but I see the illegals turning America into a replica of Mexico one neighborhood at a time. I don’t care why they entered our country illegally. I just want the government to do what we pay it to do and kick them out.

  • hillbilly says:

    Gringo_Malo… that was a joke… meant to bring a small chuckle.

    It’s not going to be as simple as saying kick them out but while that statement oversimplifies the problem by not stating all the things necessary to achieve it, I still agree with you.

  • suek says:

    >>I see the illegals turning America into a replica of Mexico one neighborhood at a time.>>

    This has always been true…the problem this time is just simply the _numbers_. We’re being overwhelmed – which means they simply aren’t assimillating. Time will cure some of that, but there are unquestionably other problems associated, and our legislators seem unwilling to deal with them.

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