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As I was moving through the house getting ready to do some house cleaning, I heard a short clip about about a family holed up in their home threatening violence… as a protest to paying taxes for things they don’t support. Now, while it might be considered by some as an admirable stand, I believe if they get away with this, I want the same option. There are lots of things I don’t support but I STILL HAVE TO PAY MY TAXES.

I don’t support the welfare system which takes 20% or better of the federal budget. I don’t want to pay for the $824 billion dollar amnesty program sponsored by Ted Kennedy. I don’t want to pay for socialized medicine, or federally funded abortions, or spinach and peanut farmers, and I especially don’t want to finance Congress’ strategy for creating scandals to “investigate”. They waste my money for political maneuvering which is just plain wrong. And that’s just for starters.

 Now, if they want to come out with a taxation that allows people to opt out of the things they don’t support, that would be all well and good. However, they’ll never do that because they’d go broke before the first fiscal quarter and they know it. 

Addendum: I forgot one of my biggest beefs: I don’t want to give to nonprofit organizations that preach anti-Americanism, support terrorist organizations overseas, and try to institute a socialist or communist government in this country. However, they get lumped in with charities I do and will support so I don’t have much choice there, do I?

5 Responses to On taxes and tax evasion.

  • Christi says:

    lol Steph, if Congress managed our tax dollars like they do their own personal finances, we would be a very rich nation indeed. Instead they act as if our tax dollars are a separate ‘fun money’ account.

  • hillbilly says:

    No kidding! I mean these guys who pulled the stunt today for tax evasion weren’t doing it because of being anti-war but I’ve heard a number of reports where people are doing just that; they don’t want to pay taxes for anything, lol! Regardless of the reasons, if they get a pass, I want a pass, too, to pick and choose what I will or won’t pay towards the federal budget and the programs it supports.

  • suek says:

    Do a search on this…I read recently (but can’t remember where) that if you have a reason of this sort, penaties stop or something. Apparently there are a fair number of people doing this. I’m thinking it was on a blog….

    Maybe. Don’t have time to check the site today…

  • Christi says:

    lol, if the government allowed us to pick and choose what we want to support, Washington would be out of business. And so would all of their little lobbyist buddies… I think roads, schools, security, and defense are the only necessary functions of a government and even with all of the money they pick out of our pockets, they haven’t been able to handle that.

  • hillbilly says:

    well, you can probably do it and not serve jail time but they’ll take your house, attach your paychecks, and all sorts of other little nasty things.

    Christi, you are so right about them going out of business. It wouldn’t take long either.

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