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Lately, I’ve seen a lot of complaints about how “American” is used to describe U.S. citizens neglecting the other “American” countries. I have a solution.

Since we are being politically correct by adding a cultural prefix to American why can’t the rest of us who don’t really care about prefixes be called U.S. American? It’s not any harder to say than African American or Mexican American or Pakistani American or Czechoslovakian American and so on. Or is there something somehow just too patriotic about calling oneself U.S. American? I’m fairly sure patriotism is not politically correct, given all the anti-americans there are who are U.S. citizens.

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  • Amy Proctor says:

    Great suggestion! I’ve never called myself a Polish American, just an AMERICAN, but since everyone insists, I’m proud to be a U.S. American!

  • suek says:

    My ancestry is English, Irish, French and German. Try hyphenating _that_ with American. I’m not even sure where it all came from – but that’s what my mother used to say. Her father’s people were from Strausbourg – which is German or French depending on the century. My mother’s people were Irish, I think. My father’s father’s ancestors came from Prince Edward Island, but I think they were French. Some great great great of mine was the first European buried on PEI.

    In truth, it doesn’t really matter. I think that’s one of the big differences between us and the Europeans – for them, it’s the pedigree that counts. In the US, pedigree is history – it’s what _you_ are that matters. Let the dead rest in peace – they aren’t responsible for what each of us does or doesn’t do.

    I sometimes find it obnoxious that in the US all you have to have to be _somebody_ is lots of money. I remember reading lots of books about the “impoverished gentility” and that they exhibited the characteristics of their gentle “class” even though they had lost all their money. They were given honor due to their class. We don’t have a class system…we don’t even have a “behavior” system. The brash neuveau riche are as honored – or at least respected – as the “old money”. Is that good or bad? I think a class system is bad – it’s almost impossible to break into. On the other hand, our system doesn’t do anything to raise the level of culture and education in the country – and we could use some of that.

  • hillbilly says:

    My heritage is English, Irish, and Native American. My father’s branch is traced back to 14th century England and the family came here on a land grant (they even have a coat of arms, lol). Some of them in true pioneer spirit weren’t satisfied and set off on their own travelling through NC , TN, KY, and finally settling in the WV wilderness(then still part of VA). Another from the same branch married a free Black and had something like 8 children, so there is a distant branch who are African American.

    On my mother’s side, there is the Irish who were sent here as slaves… oh, no… did I say something wrong?!! It’s kind of hard to deny the history when it’s part of your direct past, isn’t it? Once they had their freedom, they, too branched out into the wilderness and settled in western Virginia where the one of whom I’m a direct descendent married another Irishman and they ran a small farm. She was kidnapped my Indians after all but one of her children were killed. The one who wasn’t killed was later. He was an infant and one of the Indians bashed his skull against a tree as they traveled through KY to make camp. She was held captive for about a year (will have to look that up in my docs to be sure) when she found a way to escape. Some little time after she was reunited with her husband, she gave birth to a son… who is also part of my direct line. She and her husband didn’t return to Va but settle in KY near the Fort where she was found and rescued from the Indians trailing her escape.

    Class systems are never a good thing. It’s not really a money factor but the idea that some people are better than others, by virtue of __________ (fill in the blank), that creates envy and strife.

April 2007


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