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Since Congress is so concerned with numbers and manipulate them to prove their points, I thought I manipulate a few of my own.

The price of not going to war (in billions of dollars) from 9/11/01 for NYC:

  • Economic loss to New York in month following the attacks    $105
  • Estimated cost of cleanup      $0.6
  • Total FEMA money spent on the emergency       $0.97
  • Estimated amount donated to 9/11 charities     $ 1.4
  • Estimated amount of insurance paid worldwide related to 9/11     $40.2
  • Estimated amount of money needed to overhaul lower-Manhattan subways          $7.5
  • Amount of money recently granted by U.S. government to overhaul lower-Manhattan subways       $4.55

Total           $160,220,000,000

Time Frame: 102 minutes. Cost per minute: $1,570,784,313.73.


The War on Terror

Cost:  $725,000,000,000

Time Frame: 1825 days or 525600  minutes. Cost per minute: $1,379,375.95.

The price of not going to war is 1000+ times more costly than going to war. Do the math yourself and you’ll see.

Congress is “concerned” with peanut storage, spinach farmers, education(?), highminded building projects, and amnesty for illegal aliens. Why build anything when the terrorist will destroy it easily with the “Democratic” way of foreign policy?

The war on terror has been going on a long time… many decades, in fact. Bush just named it is all. We cannot live in a vacuum or a “feel good” bubble. The world doesn’t work that way. Congress uses the excuse that nothing that large has happened since 9/11/01 while ignoring the fact that our inattention to those who want to destroy us allowed 9/11 to happen. Can we really afford to go back to pre-9/11 inattention, which is Congress’ goal?

9 Responses to Political manipulations of numbers.

  • Christi says:

    Great post and a great way to put this into perspective. I’d much rather be on the offense than to slide back into the mode we were in that caused us to ignore all of the warnings before 9/11. Good job, Steph.

  • suek says:

    “The war on terror has been going on a long time… many decades, in fact.”

    Well, the “war on terror” hasn’t been going on so long – but the terror and the islamic effort to establish a world-wide caliphate has been.
    Try “centuries”. If you want websites, I have a number of them bookmarked.

    When this started on 9/11, I was with Bush when he talked about islam as a “religion of peace”, and thought that we were dealing with a few extremists. I’ve learned a lot since then. Now I don’t believe that islam _is_ a religion of peace. I don’t believe we can co-exist with them unless there is a remarkable transformation in their religion – which is possible, but will take a _long_ time. Decades isn’t enough to do it. Think “Reformation” of christianity time – 2-4 centuries?

    Google “Malmo” Sweden. We are under attack, and the only way is to succeed in Iraq, and within our own country insist that all laws apply _equally_ to all religions. When you have school systems that won’t allow a cross, but is considering installing foot washing facilities for muslims for their convenience before prayer sessions, there’s a problem. Google Shari’a….it will make your blood boil.

    This is a good time to be old. You younger people have your work cut out for you.

  • hillbilly says:

    Suek, I meant in terms of activity on our part(the U.S) against terrorist activities which has been going on in starts and stops since the 60’s I believe. I don’t have my docs right in front of me but saying so on recall, so don’t quote me as accurate.

    The war against Islam’s conquest of the world has, of course, gone on for almost two miliennia now. I’ve honestly given up any hope of reform for the religion except for isolated moments when somebody convinces me there might be some hope for them, yet… but then more atrocities occur that dash the hope away almost as fast as it rose.

    We should insist on the same laws for all but it’s not going to happen if Congress gets its way and they are not far from that goal. A lot of our failures are from underestimating the enemy such as Bush thinking that it’s just the extremists… it’s not… the extremists are only the outward showing of what’s in the hearts of many more who hide their feelings under a cloak of friendship.

    I’m not all that young and I doubt I’ll live much beyond the first strike on our soil when the armies of Islam rise among us… but I’ll fight while I’m alive.

  • hillbilly says:

    Christi, glad you liked that rundown and remember, that’s not including what happened at the Pentagon in terms of costs. Imagine what just a few of those 102 minute episodes could do in terms of money and the economy while they gripe about war costs.

  • Christi says:

    I can’t get those numbers out of my head today, Steph. I’ve gone over it and over it and I keep wondering how in the world the liberals can’t seem to grasp this.

    Sometimes I think we’re really dealing with a bunch of morons. They are trying everything in their power to undermine this administration and our attempt to turn the Middle East around by freeing some of the nations in the region.

    I will never understand how they can look at a map of the Middle East and not see how a free and democratic Iraq and Afghanistan would change the entire face of the region. Iran is already having problems with their younger generation calling for freedom from Islamic law and if democracies were in place to their east and their west, how long would it be before Iran would implode? Without us ever firing a shot.

    It isn’t rocket science. Free people don’t strap bombs to themselves. It may take decades or even centuries, but this is a fight we can’t afford to lose

    But the liberals are too busy playing lets-hate-Bush and allowing stupidity to fly out of their pieholes like we should pull out – redeploy. To where? Terrorists are flowing into Iraq from all over the region. Do the liberals think they’ve taken root in Iraq and they wouldn’t “redeploy” right along with us to fight our troops if we moved them to Kuwait or Jordan?

    I’m just so sick of them playing politics with our lives.

  • hillbilly says:

    Christi, I responded a bit to this on your blog but I’ll go further here.

    Our government, from the executive office of the president on down do not care about the United States. None of them. Power and money are the only things that motivate them. Up until last night I was giving the President the benefit of the doubt but I can’t after the article I found here:

    Since finding the article on that site,I’ve done a couple of searches and found similar articles written by press in the United States although none of them are in the big names of the MSM. Now, one has to wonder how the POTUS doesn’t know this or if he does, why doesn’t he make it public? Or was there some sort of conspiracy to keep this knowledge out of the hands of the president by… OTHER REPUBLICANS… because it would be an embarrassment as stated in the article?

    I’ve yet to determine how this sort of information would be that big an embarrassment to anyone but the Iraq Study Group who didn’t do its job properly while being invested with the trust of the executive branch of our government and the Democrats who stepped up their undermining of the president operations directly after his 2004 reelection.

    One way to find out how much the president actually knows about this information is to get it to him through means other than Members of Congress, the Senate, the CIA, FBI, or any arm of the government in Washington D.C. I’m not saying that the information is true but it does give one pause for thought when you look at the background of the person making the claims.

    If his claims are true by even a tenth, we have been betrayed by our federal government in the worst sort of way. We have been laid open to the enemy who have been allowed to commit more atrocities against us and are emboldened by a government who tells them everything they want to hear about how to do it, through the MSM, surrendering a war that has a chance of success, legislation that curtails the activities of thinking citizens to protest our treatment in the name of polical correctness, and the list goes on.

    We are being conquered from within and the government doesn’t care. We will suffer many more 9/11s and those of us who fight against being conquered will be called the enemies. Perhaps, like suek, I won’t live to see it, although I expect I will. Whether I do or not, my children and grandchildren will. I would prefer to leave them a peaceful world than the one they will be facing.

  • O Bloody Hell says:

    > I’ve gone over it and over it and I keep wondering how in the world the liberals can’t seem to grasp this.

    They are all victims of CRIS.

    Cranio-Rectal Insertion Syndrome.

    Sorta blocks the obvious from view.

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