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Real Clear Politics, Fox, the, and other MSM outlets are talking and contrasting the ban on partial birth abortions and the massacre at VA Tech.

 I believe Mark Levin sums it up nicely here. The comments are rather biased but still…

We do seem to be overly sensitive to some issues while others don’t even faze us. For myself, as much of a tragedy as the massacre was, there are larger farther reaching issues upon which we need to be centered. React to the massacre in your own ways, yes,  but morbidly dwelling on it doesn’t do anything for anyone… especially not the victims who need time to deal with it in their ways, nor law enforcement who still needs to conduct the investigation without it being corrupted by politics and the media. As long as all we do is react, nothing will ever change… reaction is the bandaid that keeps us perpetually “healing.”

5 Responses to Pick and choose your sensitivity.

  • suek says:

    157 people in Iraq died as a result of bombings by terrorists yesterday (I think – time difference makes any particular day yesterday or today confusing). I suspect that there are no grief counselors on hand.
    How do they face each day?

    33 is sad – and tragic for each family who suffered a loss – but it almost seems like emotional masturbation that we keep on emoting and condoling and “healing” in the public venue.

    We are _so_ lucky to live where we do and when we do.

  • hillbilly says:

    It’s not counselors they need… trust me, I used to be one… they need education and the freedom to be able to see there are other ways of life and the choice to fight back against the bastards who are terrorizing them. Islam doesn’t really allow for that which is why the fascist totalitarian regimes are fighting for a power base. They are scared of us, while trying to convince the world they have the power. What rat fights the hardest? The one cornered or the one free to walk away?

    gotta have faith, suek, gotta have faith. If I didn’t try to have at least a little faith, I’d go mad… not murdering mad but certainly they’d consider committing me to an institution.

  • Christi says:

    I don’t know how the Iraqi’s handle it either. The coverage of the VT massacre – just one incident – playing over and over is overwhelming to me. I’m not trying to be mean but 24 hours of beating the same story to death? C’mon. Can you imagine what the news in Iraq must be like on a daily basis?

    And I agree with you, the only option we have is to supply the Iraqis with education and freedom. Your rat analogy is right on target – why can’t the libs see that? It is so obvious.

  • hillbilly says:

    They handle it just like we would. We put one foot forward at a time and try to look on the bright side… 50 today… less than the 100 yesterday… less than 1000 the day before… less than… and don’t let your resolve waiver.

    I don’t like Islam and I fear that each and every one of them at some time is going to try to kill me but I still have to give them a chance to prove they can be peaceful. They haven’t proven it yet but I will still give them the chance. The Iraqis have the best chance at freedom and being something great right now more than at any other time in Iraq’s history. We have to give them that chance.

  • Christi says:

    We won’t give them that chance if the Dems have their way. According to Harry Reid, we might as well pack up and go home because he has declared we’ve lost the war. What a boob.

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