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A four hour interview with the man. It’s well worth the read. I remember being asked about him being an actor to which I responded that I think he’s not really acting but just being himself. Give the article a thorough read. I understand better than ever why there is a “Draft Fred” movement.

He’s going to run, folks. He’s just choosing his own time and place. Everything he says, the way he answers questions, the thought he has given to issues all point in that direction. I hope he does.

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  • suek says:

    Read some comments the other day concerning his support for McCain in the past, and the fact that he supported _something_…can’t remember at the moment. Raised a question in my mind about his dedication to conservative principles. Nobody is going to pass muster 100%, but I’m definitely going to be paying attention.(Guess that means I better try to remember what I find!) There are so many different things out there…this transnational highway and all the attendant stuff, for example. That’s being done without _any_ public discussion to speak of. We’re going to wake up one morning and find it all done. Will it be a good thing? a bad thing? I don’t know – because it’s pretty much being done under the table. That makes me suspect there’s a reason for it being done under the table.

    If we use the long campaign period well, it will help us make good choices. If we don’t, it’ll just mean a bunch of money in the pockets of those who don’t really need more of the same.

  • hillbilly says:

    All those things needing paid attention to have me worried, too. If all that stuff comes to pass, the doers of the deeds will split this country in pieces, not just halves, I believe.

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