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Don Imus is… basically an idiot. He has always been an idiot and always will be. So what if he said what he said.

I haven’t even figured out who raised the alarm first. Was it the girls on the team, their coach, or the dynamic duo of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, Jr.?

If the latter is the answer to that question, it wasn’t Imus who scarred them for life because they allowed two of the most racist people in the United States to determine their self worth instead of determining it for themselves. If their self-esteem was intact before the remarks, they would have laughed it off and said basically the same thing I’ve just said about Imus… he’s an idiot, so who cares what he says?

However, it seems they chose to appear in public, take on a victim status, and give his words power over their self esteem. It’s a sad day when 6 little words of an idiot can take that away. Perhaps they never had any to begin with and if that’s so, they should look to their leaders for the reasons why, not to an idiot who spends his days shocking everybody and anybody he can. You probably just made him richer by paying attention. He can now go on Sirius or XM where you can’t touch him, like Howard Stern… because you paid attention to him. Think about it.

Sorry, broke my break for that because it was bugging me too much. Back to my break now.

3 Responses to It wasn’t Imus who scarred them for life.

  • Christi says:

    This thing has gotten totally out of hand. The only thing I’m hoping for is that it serves to show just how much hypocrisy there is. You can’t have any group of people deciding that it is ok for them to use certain words but others can’t for fear of their wrath.

    What Imus said was stupid, totally in character for Imus, but this lynch mob over words is ridiculous.

  • hillbilly says:

    Well… all things considered, I’m thinking of starting up a petition to get people to sign on for a class action suit against the state of Washington after their “racist” remarks about Southerners, rednecks, hillbilles, and Nascar… considering racist is no longer defined by actual race but instead defined by culture, I think we have a shot at it. Certainly discriminatory, isn’t it?

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