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Dems talk up health care

“And people are going to have to take better care of themselves,” she added. “We cannot afford all the illness that folks are bringing on themselves. … We need to start working on that, myself included.”

Sorry to disabuse you, ma’am, but you won’t have to pay for it if you’d just stay out of  my business. I pay for it now and am quite willing to pay for it in the future. What I resent is not being able to pay mine because all my money goes to pay for everyone else. To obtain health insurance for myself will cost me upwards of $1200/month! My average medical expenses paying out of pocket is less than $100/month. Which is the better deal?

In addition, their healthcare plan demands that people do certain things to be able to receive the best care; things I may not want to do like lose weight and give up smoking or coffee or any number of other things deemed unhealthy and things I might enjoy regardless of their supposed ill effects. And what happens if I refuse to do those things? Well, there are rumors that it means I will receive substandard care even if my health issue is unrelated to any of those things I refuse to give up.

And another in addition: Why would I want to live longer? To work longer to pay taxes that pay everybody else not to work? That’s what the working class of the U.S.A. does folks. It ain’t the government paying for it, they just manage the money.

April 2007


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