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5 Responses to I’m not the only one preaching secession.

  • Joel Lemieux says:

    I came across this: Presidential Politics

    Putting in Your (2) Two Cents Worth!!!

    Is it worth .02 cents per day for “Honesty” from your President?
    (it is the question you should be asking everyone you meet)

    Thought you may find it interesting… Possibly forward it to

    your circle of influence and e-mail database…

    Joel Lemieux…

    Ps… Reach Out And Touch Someone…

  • hillbilly says:

    Nice rundown of a lot of issues on that site. I’ve sorta kinda heard of Ron Paul but haven’t gotten around to an indepth research of him or his views. Thanks for the link.

  • Ogre says:

    Indeed, there’s a number of secessionist movements afoot now. Vermont wants to form a socialist republic, and since I don’t live there, I’m all for it! Let Vermont try socialism, too, and we can watch it fail again!

    But I know the federal government today will not stand for secession. They will use federal troops and money to crush any attempt to withdraw from this union. As the authors point out, the 10th amendment no longer exists.

    I think the best, true hope for freedom today lies in the Free State Project.

  • hillbilly says:

    N.H. is too small to handle the influx that will soon be a part of that movement. I hope it succeeds very well though. It will give hope for the rest of us tied down here and other places to begin our own Free State Projects.

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