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I wonder how many people would change their opinion of the mission in Iraq if they knew what their elected officials keep from them while pushing their own agendas down our throats.

Ten Myths About Defense Spending  Get a drink and a snack while reading. It’s long but very thorough.

Also, all you doubters, remember this: Congress writes the checks, not the Executive Branch nor the Judicial Branch. When one looks at that article in the context of Congressional Spending one really must wonder where the money is going considering one of the biggest expenditures seems to be Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid which is claimed to be going broke.

In other words, the government doesn’t want to invest in what it would take to keep the country and its citizens safe but they’ll make sure we’re well fed, healthy, enjoy indiscriminate sex to giverise to a fatherless generation, and able to live in at least semi-luxury before our enemies kill us?

Makes perfest sense to me. </sarcasm>

 And to prove my point here we go: Video: Pelosi fires back at Bush*

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  • Very interesting link. It is correct, too, that the majority of Americans think that we spend far more on defense than we actually do. Up until the 70s, we routinely spend 8-10% of GNP on defense, and 50% of the federal budget was dedicated to defense spending. Today it’s about 4% and 20% respectively. The growth has been in the area of social welfare spending. It is a sign of how successful the left has been that they have hoodwinked people into believing that we’re spending more that we are.

    In Europe the situation is even worse. They used to spend about 5% of GNP on defense, now it’s below 2% in some countries. Tony Blair is in the process of destroying the British navy. In a few years it will be little better than a coastal defense force. All this is a major reason why the Europeans have not sent as many troops to Afghanistan as they said they would.

  • hillbilly says:

    You got it. The longer this sort of thing goes on the closer I come to an isolationist’s view. I’d really hate living like that but I’d really hate dying more.

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