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Serious psychological help.

White House Doesn’t Support House Speaker Pelosi’s Visit to Syria

On one hand she snipes at President Bush about the stupidest things and telling him to “calm down” and they can “work things out” while with the other hand she passes out, “There’s a new Congress in town.” I don’t remember what movie that line, “There’s a new sheriff in town.” orignated but how lame does this stupid woman have to be before people will realize she’s nothing but a paper doll?

Now to top off this stupidity, knowing full well what kind of message she is sending to the rest of the world along with her partners in “crime” she’s snubs the president once again by going on this insane trip, paid with taxpayers money, of course.

Hasn’t she noticed how low in the polls Congress is placed? Does she care? It sure doesn’t seem like it. As Bush’s numbers ever so slowly move up a few decimals of a percentage point, Congress is going down by about the same amount.

I’ve come to the conclusion that reality has no place in Nancy Pelosi’s life and that she is trying to play out some fantasy of power that is so illusory that eventually she’s going crash. When that happens, I don’t think even serious psychological help will work. I wonder if Doctor Sanity would be willing to take her on.

March 2007


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