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Daily Archives: March 29, 2007

I logged on there and it really had me rethinking some of my attitudes. I have had for the longest time now thought that eventually we will have to wipe Islam off the face of the earth because the religion is so incompatible with any other world view that it wouldn’t be possible to live in peace.

I spent a long time there yesterday; looking at pictures, reading his entries, and getting one of the most truthful reports on the situation in Iraq. Two things stood out the most: one was the picture of the soldier carrying the little girl who was killed… the image that has been around the world in every news station and paper there is. I didn’t know who had taken that picture until yesterday. No matter how you try to stay on top of the news, some things slip by you.

The other thing was something he wrote: “Iraqis love their kids.” Golda Mier once said that Israel will have no peace until their enemies love their children more than they hate the Jews and Michael’s statement reminded me of that.

I’m not saying I can completely embrace people of a religion that is anathema to all others but I can hope and hope I will. Perhaps one day there can be peace; perhaps not. Only time and effort will tell.

Eventually I’ll move that banner to a permanent place on the site for as long as the war in Iraq is ongoing but for now. Please visit his site and give him support. His sojourn in Iraq is not financed by any new media so monetary support wouldn’t come amiss either.

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