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Daily Archives: March 20, 2007

Ever since the confession of “of the notorious al-Qaeda mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed” I’ve heard the word torture on the lips of every news reporter and seen it in the print of every news article. Take a look at one of the latest op-eds: Tortured Credibility in the Washington Post. Of course one should doubt the credibility that this one person is the mastermind behind every single attack to which he confessed. 

According to this op-ed: Blame-America-First-Crowd we always seem to default to blaming America first. It also highlights how little many of us really know our enemies. There is a simpler explanation which seems not to have occurred to the majority of the press and probably the majority of Americans because we are in the habit of blaming ourselves.

Why would Khalid Sheik Mohammed take credit for all the dastardly deeds?

Let’s take a look at some things. He’s been in custody since 2003. He ain’t goin’ nowhere, bubba. Now, given all the activism against Guantanamo and human rights demands, etc. etc, ad nauseum, he doesn’t come to that conclusion right away but it does slowly creep into his consciousness, so what can he do to help his fellow terrorists? Simple, take credit for everything and take the heat off everyone else so they can continue the “good fight” or jihad, if you prefer. If he takes the “heat” off others, we stop looking for them and they can continue on their merry way. His personal mission, his jihad, is accomplished.

Of course, America has fallen for it. While we’re centered on the Tortured soapbox and playing with conspiracy theories and the inhumanity of one person… who is not Khalid Sheik Mohammed … Khalid’s buddies are sitting in their little caves and encampments laughing at the “gullible” Americans. We’ll believe anything the press tells us and we’ll believe an enemy over one of our own because the press told us to. Since sensationalism is the creed of journalists there is very little they have to say that I believe wholeheartedly… including Fox News.  It used to be called, fittingly, yellow journalism. I suppose it suits our “yellow”  resolve.

I’m ashamed of those who will spend tenfold more time bashing their own country than learning about our enemies. I’m ashamed of those who do know the enemy and have no courage or stamina to fight back. If this is how we treat liberty and freedom, we don’t deserve it.

Dave Thul wrote this to a Minnesota paper, his home state: 

I’m afraid he will be disappointed as the Democratic Congress scrambles to “buy votes” to end the war in defeat.

March 2007


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