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I have to blame myself, too. The world turned upside down and I didn’t say enough. I’m part of the silent majority. As others are now talking when they never did before, so have I began.

The Gathering of Eagles is a symbol of the silent majority. Yes, I watch Fox News. The most heartening thing watching the coverage was when one person said he was of the silent majority and figured it was time to speak out (paraphrased). 

The weirdest thing I saw in the coverage was that none of the antiwar protesters had an American flag (if there was one, no one got a shot of it). Oh there were a few red white and blue flags. I saw one sporting a peace symbol and several others with a single star in a triangle of blue, but not one American Flag, even on the stations that are biased in their favor. This is a group that capitalizes on their freedom of speech who can’t seem to find it in their hearts to carry a single American Flag but can build grotesque effigies depicting the evil American “empire”.

As far as Cindy Sheehan is concerned, I often wonder, usually while listening to her screaming tirades, what she said to her boy, who died so bravely, that she is now insane with the guilt.

One of the things about being a hillbilly is we look at the simple answers. Most problems do have simple answers. Hillbillies are masters of Ockham’s Razor, yet we are the most ridiculed ethnic group there is on earth. I often thought that, as a group, we were behind the times, but lately I’ve wondered if perhaps, we simply refuse to partake of these times recognizing the simple stupidity of turning our backs on the basic simple truths of life.

It is we humans who try to complicate things by trying to find sideways solutions that are easier than the using the simple truths of life as a guide. The sideways solutions never seem to work for long, so more sideways solutions are found to get around the other sideway solutions.

What are the simple truths of life? The Ten Commandments are. They tell you everything about living a good life. Even the staunchest atheist cannot argue againt the simple truths of the last 6 of those commandments.

If you need to be reminded what they are, then here you go.

The Commandment

The Call



I am the LORD your God, you shall have no other gods before me.

Faith (Trust in God)

All faith in God, freedom from lesser gods: wealth, sex, power, popularity.


You shall not take the Name of the LORD your God in vain.



Respect for God and the things of God: prayer, worship, religion.


Keep holy the Sabbath day.


Not just the Sabbath rest, but setting aside time for prayer, good recreation, quiet reflection.


Honor your father and your mother.


Loving care and respect for all family members, elders and younger siblings, too. Respect for elders in general.


You shall not kill.

Respect For Life

Courtesy to all, speaking respectfully to all, seeking the best for all. Respecting others’ freedom while still defending all human life.


You shall not commit adultery.


Faithfulness (Fidelity)

Faithful actions beyond just abstaining from sexual contact outside of marriage. Respect for sex and marriage.


You shall not steal.

Justice (Honesty)

 Concern for the rights of others, especially when they get in the way of what we desire. A commitment to fairness and a willingness to suffer loss rather than depriving another.


You shall not bear false witness.


 A dedication to what is real and true, even if that reality is against our interests.


You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.


 A desire to want only what God wills. A single-hearted devotion to God’s way.


You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.


 A cooperation in God’s own generosity that sees all goods as belonging to God and freely given for the good of all.


4 Responses to The Silent Majority

  • dymphna says:

    Thanks for letting me know that Fox News carried the story. We don’t have a TV — haven’t had one since Opie was a cute little moppet — so I was relying on the Fox website for inoformtion and by Sunday morning it had been wiped clean of any mention of the demonstation, even in its pictures of the week in review.

    Ever since the Saudi bought five per cent ownership of Fox, it makes me nervous. So I’ll have to tune in to Sannity today and see what he has to say.

    I’m glad the Baron went. But I’m equally glad I stayed home to go to the annual Boy Scout fund-raising dinner. It grounded me to see all those men, some of whose Eagle badges were not too much younger than the Boy Scouts itself, standing to say the Scout oath:

    “On my honor, I will do my duty to God and my Country, to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.”

    Men and boys of all ages, both black and white, straight and tall or stooped with age, repeated their oath of duty…”duty” is another out-moded word, like loyalty and fidelity — all characteristics hillbillies are known for (besides being a bit insular and suspicious of outsiders, that is!).

    “Finding sideways solutions” is an elegant phrase, btw. And, of course, hillbillies have a history of elegant phrases. It’s their celtic DNA.

    It is a good sign when you remain distinctive enough in the melting pot to have a certain iconic representation, but have blended enough to consider oneself truly a patriot.
    Good blog!

    The Baron is going to put you on the blogroll at Gates of Vienna.

  • Ogre says:

    OH my, are you trying to foist your religion on everyone else? Doesn’t that make you a bigot in today’s world? Wait, unless you’re trying to force Islam on other people, then it’s okay. Or if you’re trying to cram atheism down everyone’s throat, you can do that freely. But you’re a Christian? To today’s world, you are the source of all evil.

  • hillbilly says:

    Ogre, they can call me a bigot if they want to and depending on who’s doing the calling I might take it as a compliment.

  • hillbilly says:

    Thanks dympha for the compliment and the post. I really appreciate it. I just started this blog but I don’t think I’ll be shutting up anytime soon.

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