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Daily Archives: March 16, 2007

I don’t know if anybody else has noticed it or not, but every time I see Bush on television lately, his hair is unkempt and he looks exhausted. These are signs of the enormous stress he must be under as the Democratically controlled Congress undertakes a massive bullying and mobbing strategy to out Bush from the presidency and insure that no other like him is able to replace him.

 Yes, I’ve heard them say, impeachment is off the table. Truthfully, impeachment of Bush wouldn’t help their agenda. Keeping him in office and ineffectual while they run roughshod over the country is in their better interests.

I miss the Bush who stood up to the corrupt politics of the U.N. who aided and abetted Saddam Hussein in his reactivation of his WMDs and later aided him in getting rid of the evidence while they stalled resolutions through unending talks of sanctions and more sanctions … yes I can prove that statement but I’m not done with all my research yet.

Prior to the 2004 elections, the Democrats, fearful of the collapse of their hidden socialist agenda embarked on a campaign to basically destroy Bush and willingly became puppets to a socialist organization called Now they are assured that Bush is powerless, they are finding that cutting the strings is not as easy as they thought. The puppetmasters still control the movements.

However, there is something Bush can do. He needs to do it for himself and he needs to do it for this country. He needs to remember who he was before the bullying and the mobbing that has put him in his present position. He can stop apologizing for things he didn’t do. He can stop appeasing this political body of corruption and tell them to either live up to the oaths they took to serve in their official capacities or they can step down.

He still has the power of the pen and I suggest he uses it strongly and frequently. His message to Congress should be clear, “Live up to your oaths of office or get out because you will not pass laws or gain anything from those positions that are not for the good of this country.”

Let’s look at some of the things the Democrats have done:

Scooter Libby: They spent millions prosecuting this man for a crime that didn’t happen with the only real goal of bullying Bush and the White House. What I’d like to know is who paid Wilson to finger Libby. Aside from the enormous advance he received for the book deal, there’s more to that story than the Democrats want known but I aim to find it.

U.S. Attorney firings: This is beyond stupid but yet again they will spend millions of dollars creating a political conspiracy where the firing of 8 attorneys becomes a mountain in comparison to the Clinton clan’s molehill of firing all 93 attorneys when they were in office.

The Bush Lied lie: I’ll have more on this later when I’m done with my research. It’s rather central to a number of other things.

Defund the Iraq War: Of course they want to defund it. They need those dollars to continue their bullying and mobbing of Bush and anybody who might even think about supporting him.

I could go on and on about this and I will when my research is done, but for now, I’ll close with this:

The Democrats have created a national atmosphere of words speak louder than actions; the opposite of what we know to be true. They have used the liberally biased media to unashamedly engage of demogoguery and villanization of the one person who stands between them and their total control of this nation. You can choose to follow this dictate of “Do as I say, not as I do” or you can choose to think for yourselves again. For myself, I never bought into that sort of dictate, often at great personal and professional cost, but at least I can look at myself in the mirror and, for the most part, like what I see.

March 2007


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