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Daily Archives: March 15, 2007

I’ve mentioned in more places than one that once something is on the internet, it’s there forever in one form or another.

Media bias, political doubletalk, redirecting our focus, ignoring evidence contrary to the biased view, projection of faults onto others … all of it geared toward making us sheep and unable to think for ourselves… does fail when it’s important.

This article:  shows that common sense does prevail.

 One of those things I mentioned about was projection. You can do a search to get the psychological definition of projection but the simplistic definition is: projecting your own failings onto someone else to avoid accepting responsibility for your faults. Which is what Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi did when she accused Dick Cheney of questioning her patriotism. He never used the word patriotism, she did. Given that circumstance, is she saying that we should question her patriotism? I believe we should be as I’ve already said Congress committed treason with their nonbinding resolution. I suppose all her broken promises, promises that got her elected, will soon be projected onto the nearest available patsy, as well.

 In the meantime, while the Democratic Congress and the media continue to mislead and redirect attention away from the truly important issues, I’ll be compiling some research for one really big post that will like take up several pages of this blog.

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