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Daily Archives: March 4, 2007

( More than five years after 9/11, experts continue to debate what motivated the attacks on the United States and other violent actions by Islamic extremists against the West… (snip)…. But Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, argued that the root cause is religion, noting that “Islamic terrorists use religious texts to justify their actions.””Islamic jihad has always been pursued whenever Muslim states and communities have had the means to pursue it,” he said. “The problem is Islamic jihad.”

“Mohammed advocated warfare against non-believers,” noted Spencer. “Islamic jihad is an imperative rooted within the Islamic religion. All the sects that are considered orthodox by Muslims hold to this view. Jihad warfare is an imperative part of mainstream teachings.”

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And there’s this: and this: and this: 

 Now why do people think they can talk to people like this? Talking only delays the inevitable and makes you weaker during the delay so it’s easier to conquer or kill you. Open your eyes and ears folks, it ain’t happening in the movies… this is real life. Unlike the movies with the happy endings, life has a way of ending quite suddenly with despair and terror the results.

 Let me put it this way. You come up to someone on the street who hates you just for existing. He hits you. You ask him to  stop and try to move away. He hits you again and says it’s his duty to do so, just because you exist. You still try to talk the him reasonably but he continues to hit you. Or do you even get that far before you hit back or run? How far can you run before you are hit again? What if it were your child who was being treated that way?

I can’t find the article now but Rep. Tancredo was dissed for saying that we should bomb Mecca if we are hit again by Islamist terrorists. I happen to agree with him. You can’t deal with a people to whom death means nothing but revere a that city as holy. Hit their holy city and they just might wake up to the fact that the rest of the world doesn’t and doesn’t want to revolve around their religion.

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