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Daily Archives: March 1, 2007

Click on the link below to watch a video from Fox News Center about how Washington State, a so-called liberal open-minded states thinks of the South and Nascar.

This is what leniency gets you.

The Mexican drug runner whose testimony sent two Border Patrol agents to prison for shooting him in the buttocks brought drugs into the United States more than once, thereby diminishing his credibility as a witness in the investigation, according to a California congressman.

Who cares, right? I’ll tell you who. Those who want to use these illegal aliens to vote themselves into power and thereby making citizens of the country superfluous.

In early January, my grandson learned he is bad. He didn’t learn this from his family. He learned it at preschool. One of his classmates made the statement, “White people are bad.” My grandson is a very intelligent little boy. That stuck with him although it didn’t really sink in right away that he’s white; a blue-eyed, very light skinned with light brown hair white boy. His brother will be in worse shape when he starts preschool. He has reddish blonde hair to top things off.

Our attitudes at home are that nothing about a person makes anyone bad except the actions of the individual. Talk about damage control… and who can we complain to about it? No one because he’s white. We took it up with the school who promised to do something about it , yet, my grandson persists in the notion that “White people are bad.”

I thought about home schooling but when I checked into it, you have to use state approved books which have been diluted to become more politically correct, in addition to isolating my grandchildren from other kids and hindering socialization. The other option is private schooling which neither we nor the kids’ parents can afford because taxes take all our extra money. If I can’t afford health insurance, how am I expected to pay for private schools? When I need a doctor, I have to pay the office visit price. My doctor is an intern because I can’t afford “real” doctor prices. Lab work? Forget it, can’t afford it.

Over last weekend, I went shopping. The world has become a very volatile place. This old girl has a bit of Cherokee and a few drops from other tribes in her. So, here I am black-haired, brown-eyed, sallow skinned, shopping in an area that has seen such in influx of illegal aliens that it almost feels like an impending explosion.

Imagine going through a store and getting numerous sideways looks. It wasn’t just white people doing this. It was blacks and orientals as well. To say things were tense is an understatement. I was looking at some small appliances and noticed this young oriental man staring at me with a look of apprehension, so I returned the stare with a smile and made an inane remark. The look of apprehension faded as he clearly heard my deep southern accent. He couldn’t find the plungers and had no idea where to look for them. Unfortunately, this was repeated in many forms as I completed my shopping. I think I’ll do the bulk of my shopping online from now on.

My next door neighbors are Mexicans. For the most part that would be okay with me but they continually throw glass beer bottles into my yard, which consequently break, leaving glass shards for my grandchildren to step on, handle, and get cut upon. I can’t talk to them about it because, being illegal aliens, they don’t speak English. Imagine that, I have to learn a new language just to get these guys to stop throwing beer bottles in my yard. Neighbors on the other side of them have bigger problems with them because they consistently block their driveway. All they can get out of them is, “No habla Inglés.” The government’s solution is to print documents in multiple languages. I think I’ll send a letter to the Mayor and ask him to translate this message for me, “Please, stop throwing glass beer bottles in my yard. They will injure my grandchildren.” I mean, if my taxes are paying for those other documents, it can pay for mine, too.

House democrats revamp antiwar policy. Gee, wasn’t it only a couple of weeks ago they committed treason against the United States? What do they hope to accomplish with this new policy? A cover up? More than likely.

If you don’t think we’re in a war or shouldn’t be in a war, take a look at this:  and this: and the government supports this sort of discrimination while telling us, people who have ancestors going back many generations that if we protest these inequities, we’re racist. It ain’t got nothing to do with racism. It’s preservation of life and limb at this point folks.

When does it end? Well… I suppose we could all just lay down and die and save them the trouble or we can keep retreating until there is nowhere left to go.

It will end only when we’re all dead or somebody forces these government officials so out of touch with their constituents to live as we live for awhile. No money, no buffers, and in the same neighborhoods where we are forced to deal kindly with people who would as soon cut our hearts out than look at us and who will not deal honorably with us.

A few years ago my husband and I were in a restaurant. A family of Iraqi immigrants were seated at a table near us. They had children there. While the little girl sat quietly and well behaved, the son was allowed to run amuck. He hit our chairs, threw food on our table, yelled and screamed as he ran around our table. First we requested that the father curb his son’s “enthusiasm” and he informed us he didn’t have to because we were not “entitled” and entered into a short diatribe about being Muslim. Gee, all we wanted was for the kid to quit bothering us so we could have our meal in peace. After we couldn’t take it anymore we complained to management and were asked to leave. Fear of being accused of being discriminatory only reinenforces these attitudes and behaviors.

This was a few years ago and look where we are today, still cowtowing because we’re afraid of a stupid little word. We’re all discriminatory all the time. We make judgments based on our values, lifestyles, needs, and wants, among other things. It’s how we choose our friends and life mates. So why are we so afraid of the word?

March 2007


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