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I wonder how many people would change their opinion of the mission in Iraq if they knew what their elected officials keep from them while pushing their own agendas down our throats.

Ten Myths About Defense Spending  Get a drink and a snack while reading. It’s long but very thorough.

Also, all you doubters, remember this: Congress writes the checks, not the Executive Branch nor the Judicial Branch. When one looks at that article in the context of Congressional Spending one really must wonder where the money is going considering one of the biggest expenditures seems to be Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid which is claimed to be going broke.

In other words, the government doesn’t want to invest in what it would take to keep the country and its citizens safe but they’ll make sure we’re well fed, healthy, enjoy indiscriminate sex to giverise to a fatherless generation, and able to live in at least semi-luxury before our enemies kill us?

Makes perfest sense to me. </sarcasm>

 And to prove my point here we go: Video: Pelosi fires back at Bush*

Serious psychological help.

White House Doesn’t Support House Speaker Pelosi’s Visit to Syria

On one hand she snipes at President Bush about the stupidest things and telling him to “calm down” and they can “work things out” while with the other hand she passes out, “There’s a new Congress in town.” I don’t remember what movie that line, “There’s a new sheriff in town.” orignated but how lame does this stupid woman have to be before people will realize she’s nothing but a paper doll?

Now to top off this stupidity, knowing full well what kind of message she is sending to the rest of the world along with her partners in “crime” she’s snubs the president once again by going on this insane trip, paid with taxpayers money, of course.

Hasn’t she noticed how low in the polls Congress is placed? Does she care? It sure doesn’t seem like it. As Bush’s numbers ever so slowly move up a few decimals of a percentage point, Congress is going down by about the same amount.

I’ve come to the conclusion that reality has no place in Nancy Pelosi’s life and that she is trying to play out some fantasy of power that is so illusory that eventually she’s going crash. When that happens, I don’t think even serious psychological help will work. I wonder if Doctor Sanity would be willing to take her on.

I logged on there and it really had me rethinking some of my attitudes. I have had for the longest time now thought that eventually we will have to wipe Islam off the face of the earth because the religion is so incompatible with any other world view that it wouldn’t be possible to live in peace.

I spent a long time there yesterday; looking at pictures, reading his entries, and getting one of the most truthful reports on the situation in Iraq. Two things stood out the most: one was the picture of the soldier carrying the little girl who was killed… the image that has been around the world in every news station and paper there is. I didn’t know who had taken that picture until yesterday. No matter how you try to stay on top of the news, some things slip by you.

The other thing was something he wrote: “Iraqis love their kids.” Golda Mier once said that Israel will have no peace until their enemies love their children more than they hate the Jews and Michael’s statement reminded me of that.

I’m not saying I can completely embrace people of a religion that is anathema to all others but I can hope and hope I will. Perhaps one day there can be peace; perhaps not. Only time and effort will tell.

Eventually I’ll move that banner to a permanent place on the site for as long as the war in Iraq is ongoing but for now. Please visit his site and give him support. His sojourn in Iraq is not financed by any new media so monetary support wouldn’t come amiss either.

A federal court judge in Chicago might have to answer that question after a high school student in Naperville, IL, a suburb southwest of Chicago, filed suit charging that her civil rights were violated by school officials by not letting her wear a pro-heterosexual T-shirt last year.Neuqua Valley High School’s refusal let Heidi Zamecnik, 17, wear a T-shirt saying “Be happy, not gay” on the back and “My day of silence, straight alliance” on the front was especially egregious because it came on the same day that the school permitted other students on the national “Day of Silence” to openly express their support of homosexuality.Read full story.

I have at least a couple of questions:

1. Why is any school promoting sex whether it’s homosexual or heterosexual by allowing anything to do with sex recognized on a “Day of Silence” or any other day? Sexual orientation is sexual by it’s very definition. The more I hear this sort of thing the more I think about home schooling my grandchildren. To recognize it as anything else is to promote sex among minors, regardless of their orientation. It’s utterly ridiculous.

2. Ms. Zamecnik is entirely within her rights… her civil rights. The school, the school board, nor the federal court system have a right to take away her rights while conferring them upon others.  If they try to use a discrimination argument, the same can be said of those promoting homosexuality… to the exclusion of heterosexuality.

 Instead of using their brains, which are supposed to be educated, the school and others have opted for appeasement out of fear of a small minority while bullying the majority. The correct answer would have been to tell the students that sexual orientation and promoting sex of any kind is not something in which a school, any school, should be engaged. When they’re officially adults, they can protest or promote all they want under free speech rights as long as it’s outside the school. Too late for that now, I suppose.

Ever since the confession of “of the notorious al-Qaeda mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed” I’ve heard the word torture on the lips of every news reporter and seen it in the print of every news article. Take a look at one of the latest op-eds: Tortured Credibility in the Washington Post. Of course one should doubt the credibility that this one person is the mastermind behind every single attack to which he confessed. 

According to this op-ed: Blame-America-First-Crowd we always seem to default to blaming America first. It also highlights how little many of us really know our enemies. There is a simpler explanation which seems not to have occurred to the majority of the press and probably the majority of Americans because we are in the habit of blaming ourselves.

Why would Khalid Sheik Mohammed take credit for all the dastardly deeds?

Let’s take a look at some things. He’s been in custody since 2003. He ain’t goin’ nowhere, bubba. Now, given all the activism against Guantanamo and human rights demands, etc. etc, ad nauseum, he doesn’t come to that conclusion right away but it does slowly creep into his consciousness, so what can he do to help his fellow terrorists? Simple, take credit for everything and take the heat off everyone else so they can continue the “good fight” or jihad, if you prefer. If he takes the “heat” off others, we stop looking for them and they can continue on their merry way. His personal mission, his jihad, is accomplished.

Of course, America has fallen for it. While we’re centered on the Tortured soapbox and playing with conspiracy theories and the inhumanity of one person… who is not Khalid Sheik Mohammed … Khalid’s buddies are sitting in their little caves and encampments laughing at the “gullible” Americans. We’ll believe anything the press tells us and we’ll believe an enemy over one of our own because the press told us to. Since sensationalism is the creed of journalists there is very little they have to say that I believe wholeheartedly… including Fox News.  It used to be called, fittingly, yellow journalism. I suppose it suits our “yellow”  resolve.

I’m ashamed of those who will spend tenfold more time bashing their own country than learning about our enemies. I’m ashamed of those who do know the enemy and have no courage or stamina to fight back. If this is how we treat liberty and freedom, we don’t deserve it.

Dave Thul wrote this to a Minnesota paper, his home state: 

I’m afraid he will be disappointed as the Democratic Congress scrambles to “buy votes” to end the war in defeat.

I have to blame myself, too. The world turned upside down and I didn’t say enough. I’m part of the silent majority. As others are now talking when they never did before, so have I began.

The Gathering of Eagles is a symbol of the silent majority. Yes, I watch Fox News. The most heartening thing watching the coverage was when one person said he was of the silent majority and figured it was time to speak out (paraphrased). 

The weirdest thing I saw in the coverage was that none of the antiwar protesters had an American flag (if there was one, no one got a shot of it). Oh there were a few red white and blue flags. I saw one sporting a peace symbol and several others with a single star in a triangle of blue, but not one American Flag, even on the stations that are biased in their favor. This is a group that capitalizes on their freedom of speech who can’t seem to find it in their hearts to carry a single American Flag but can build grotesque effigies depicting the evil American “empire”.

As far as Cindy Sheehan is concerned, I often wonder, usually while listening to her screaming tirades, what she said to her boy, who died so bravely, that she is now insane with the guilt.

One of the things about being a hillbilly is we look at the simple answers. Most problems do have simple answers. Hillbillies are masters of Ockham’s Razor, yet we are the most ridiculed ethnic group there is on earth. I often thought that, as a group, we were behind the times, but lately I’ve wondered if perhaps, we simply refuse to partake of these times recognizing the simple stupidity of turning our backs on the basic simple truths of life.

It is we humans who try to complicate things by trying to find sideways solutions that are easier than the using the simple truths of life as a guide. The sideways solutions never seem to work for long, so more sideways solutions are found to get around the other sideway solutions.

What are the simple truths of life? The Ten Commandments are. They tell you everything about living a good life. Even the staunchest atheist cannot argue againt the simple truths of the last 6 of those commandments.

If you need to be reminded what they are, then here you go.

The Commandment

The Call



I am the LORD your God, you shall have no other gods before me.

Faith (Trust in God)

All faith in God, freedom from lesser gods: wealth, sex, power, popularity.


You shall not take the Name of the LORD your God in vain.



Respect for God and the things of God: prayer, worship, religion.


Keep holy the Sabbath day.


Not just the Sabbath rest, but setting aside time for prayer, good recreation, quiet reflection.


Honor your father and your mother.


Loving care and respect for all family members, elders and younger siblings, too. Respect for elders in general.


You shall not kill.

Respect For Life

Courtesy to all, speaking respectfully to all, seeking the best for all. Respecting others’ freedom while still defending all human life.


You shall not commit adultery.


Faithfulness (Fidelity)

Faithful actions beyond just abstaining from sexual contact outside of marriage. Respect for sex and marriage.


You shall not steal.

Justice (Honesty)

 Concern for the rights of others, especially when they get in the way of what we desire. A commitment to fairness and a willingness to suffer loss rather than depriving another.


You shall not bear false witness.


 A dedication to what is real and true, even if that reality is against our interests.


You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.


 A desire to want only what God wills. A single-hearted devotion to God’s way.


You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.


 A cooperation in God’s own generosity that sees all goods as belonging to God and freely given for the good of all.


Given the prevailing attitudes of the politicians in Europe and the countless examples of anti-Americanism, we sometimes forget that, yes, there are people in Europe who do love liberty and will fight for her.

 “Gates of Vienna: Stop the Islamification of Europe

I gotta add a link to their site on the blog.

I particularly appreciated this small passage although the whole is extremely good reading:

A Nazi will punch you for the good of the state. A Communist will kick you for the good of the state. A liberal will do both while shaking your hand and telling you it’s for your own good.

Rational people recognize that the only liberality self-styled “liberals” indulge in, is liberally banning everything they disagree with.

I’ve listened to all the griping about the U.S. Attorney firings, etc etc ad nauseum. I’m still confused why it’s anybody’s business. Clinton fired all 93 attorneys when he took office. Nobody said a word about it. These kinds of terminations are quite common historically, so why all of a sudden is it of paramount importance that 8 were let go when that number is less than 10% of all the attorneys? And so what if it was politically motivated? Can anyone honestly say those 93 firings weren’t considering they served under a Republican president before Clinton took office?

Give me a break, ‘splain this to me.

March 2007


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