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cockstradamusDeVine Law gamecock moved from Spartanburg, SC to Atlanta and came face to face with the LEFT in power and in the RAW. I came face to face with stifling Political correctness. I came face to face with liberal racists who treated Blacks like disabled children. I came face to face with raw hostility to people of faith in the Democratic Party and the cowardice of people of faith within it worse than I had ever seen. And I worked with a Black conservative who called me out and told me to read Robert Bork’s books.

Now, why was I ripe for a conversion?

I now see that I probably stayed in the Dem Party despite having misgivings about the party since soon after I first came of age because to have converted in my hometown would have meant almost a betrayal of my friends and a surrender to many people I despised in the Republican Party who I knew.

I was a coward.

But even more so, I was not focused on it so much. I was focused on law practice and family. And the law practice played into the essential denial I was in from the beginning.

You see, I was a lib Dem mainly because of the racial inclusive rhetoric mainly Dems used as I grew up. I also bought into the elitist moral pose. Wanted to be affirmed by the elites, and in law school and then in practice, I bought into being an elite with contempt for the unwashed. We knew better what the Constitution ought to say. And, I was a sinner. I wanted to have my sex and eat it too.

But, all along I had to be in denial about a lot in the dem party, because I was a Christian, I was a JFK strong on defense dem, and I majored in economics.

Moreover, beginning in the 70s and 80s with Buckley’s Firing Line, Howard Fineman and Charles McDowell on Washington on Washington Week in Review, Pat Buchanan on Crossfire, it seemed that I always agreed with the conservatives. My favorite dems were the ones that were at least perceived as conservatives. I would cry listening to Reagan on the radio, as I had to hate him in public but was so moved by his words.

One big moment was when he gave the evil empire speech and so many lib dem friends laughed. This told me something was rotten in Denmark. But I went into denial.

Then came Rush and Mike Gallagher and my experience on the inside of the Dem Party. I fell in love with Talk Radio in the late 80s and early 90s. Mike Gallagher got his big start on WORD-AM 950 in Greenville-Spartanburg. I immediately loved him because he denounced racists. He was a republican. I also acknowledged a disturbing trend in my personal life. I watched as many former racist Republicans took the MLK moral argument seriously and were hiring Blacks. I watched many liberal whites become very condescending to blacks, thinking that they couldn’t make it America without their help.

This ENRAGED me. But I kept it to myself and became a fixture on the Gallagher show. I was known as the Liberal Lawyer on a Bell Atlantic mobile in Spartanburg, but  began to notice that my disagreements required 5 caveats.

And Rush, well, what was really enlightening was to watch live events on C-Span, and then compare the MSM stories on same with Rush. The libs would leave our reporting on portions of events I deemed important. Rush never did. I came to realize that the media betrayed us, how wise Rush was.

Then there was Clinton. I waited a long time to pick a candidate in 1992. I finally picked Clinton because he was the most conservative. But almost from Day One, I saw what a liar he was. And being a county dem leader, over the course of the 90s, I came to see myself as a frontman for the kooks, just like Clinton.

I saw good Southern Baptists repress their faith in the face of Dem leaders who thought it best they not offend the Vagina Monologuer. One final straw was when I waited for Clinton to follow up on his declaration of war against al Qaeda after the 1998 African embassy bombings. It never came.

Then came Gore, McCain and Bush in 2000. I was repelled by Gore. I watched with fascination the NH and SC primaries as a Dem and so objective observer. I expected not to like Bush and I expected to like the repub that bashed repubs. But what I came to see was that McCain was loved by the msm because he bashed republicans, and I saw first hand in SC that he was the antithesis of straight talk.

And I found myself agreeing with Bush over Gore, on the issues. But, I held my nose and voted for Gore to reward Clinton for the economy.

Then came divorce, my father’s death and the move to Atlanta.

I partnered with a black lawyer who had been GOP chair in Chattanooga. I met a lib editor (that I ended up dating and who let me write for the paper) at a black owned legal organ paper in Decatur, GA in Atlanta METRO that was in Cynthia McKinney’s district. I went to Fulton and DeKalb County dem party functions. I met the LEFT that wants to make victims that keep them in power. I met Blacks and whites that seemed not to want the poor to be empowered by the American dream. I met pure PC truth denying with glazed over eyes liberals.

They simply denied that supply side tax rate cus worked. They didn’t seem to care about results.

And one day I told my lib girlfriend that I could no longer call myself a liberal Dem and that I was now a conservative Dem. She suggested that I simply could not label myself with that “c” word.

The next day I declared myself a conservative.

This was before 911.

A year later I declared myself a Republican.

Here I Stand!

Originally published in 2007 here 

One man with courage makes a majority. – Andrew Jackson

Illegals fleeing signBuild the Damn Fence!

DeVine Law Gamecock had a recent debate on Facebook with a liberal Democrat bemoaning my bemoaning of the reluctance of the government and media to ask for or report the immigration status and country of origin of illegal aliens convicted of crimes. LibDem said I was “seeking groups to hate”. Yes, astounded me too.

Every person on earth can’t move to the USA and we remain exceptional and certainly not exceptional enough to deter and defend against the non-benevolent Iranian mullahs, ISIS, Red Chinese and Putins of the world.

LibDem objected to any suggestion that a rape-culture exists in many Third World cultures. It does. The Left praises “multi-culturism” and so they oppose assimilation. Ours is no better than any other, they say; yet we only see foreigners coming here. There is no mass exodus of Americans away from America. LibDems are not moving to Mexico, other countries in Latin America, Vietnam or other Asian nations where the age of consent is 12 or non-existent, or where the mothers and fathers of 13 year-olds are happy when their daughter is pregnant due to her rape by an uncle. Adios America by Ann Coulter meticulously documents all of the above and more. Continue reading

Hillary-Planned-Parenthood-998x700Soon after five lawyers in black robes on the United States Supreme Court unilaterally amended the U.S. Constitution to add a “right” to marry whomever you “love”, many critics bemoaned a feared Slippery Slope that would lead to polygamy and incestuous marriages. Your humble correspondent agreed given the bizarre logic of the five lawyers as Philosopher Kings. We thought that two-thirds of both houses of Congress and three-fourths of the states were required to amend the Constitution. But when the definition of marriage has been changed to allow same-sex couples, to allow adult sisters to marry their fathers or the ancient “institution” of a Man and Harem, one is speaking of mere child’s play in the latter examples. The slope done slipped.

Which brings us to the latest slope and Planned Parenthood, the “family planning” corporation that performs around 1/3 of all abortions performed in this country, receives money from taxpayers and contributes money to Democrats. DeVine Law really appreciates the outrage over the selling of the body parts of aborted fetuses, but people, KILLING babies is about a million times worse that selling the body parts of those whose skulls get crushed so that the “mother” may better make the BMW payments and PP a profit. And we don’t need to investigate and ask more questions.

DeVine Law has investigated Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood and every abortionist KILLS babies in the womb, and may or may not “sell” their “usable” body parts, preserved by making sure the homicide is effected via skull-crushing. Pain-capable? As if.

[In an in utero interview with a developing fetus, Baby X said that he/she (we didn’t have the ultra-sound) had better “use” of its body parts than scientists. The rest of DeVine  interview will appear later in these pages, if Baby X’s skull isn’t crushed in the meantime, that is.]

Democrats who receive campaign money from Planned Parenthood, which company also receives money from US taxpayers, refused to respond to inquiries from the New Hampshire Union Leader:

Sen.  Jeane Shaheen’s (D-NH) silence last week is important because it shows just how much the abortion industry depends on euphemisms and spin. It is one thing to shout support for a “woman’s right to choose,” it is another to defend the actual horrific practice of killing and dismembering human infants. Shaheen loves to do the former but cannot bring herself to do the latter.

The abortion industry survives on its euphemisms. Last week’s video exposes the brutal reality hidden behind the spin. It is a reality that cannot be defended.

An outside spokesperson hired by Planned Parenthood said last week that the group was merely disposing of the “products of conception.” The product of conception, though, is not a “tissue” extension of the mother’s body. The product of conception is a separate human being complete with its own DNA and, before long, its own distinct body parts. This – not “tissue” – is what Planned Parenthood kills, cuts to pieces, and sells.

Science concludes that at conception a unique developing human being with its own unique DNA, exists. We don’t need religion to define life nor when it begins. Americans have done in the millions in private what ISIS has done in the hundreds on film to adults with unique DNA and sell-able body parts. Barbarians all, if each abides.

Think the Slope done slipped? DeVine Law does. Want to stop Five Man and Women in Black from abiding the slaughter of small pain-feeling human beings with liver, fingers and small beating heart and the selling of said body parts? Then vote for anti-Judges-as-amenders-of-the-Constitution for President and Senators, i.e. Republicans, to stop it. Yes, Republicans oft get betrayed by appointees but the Democrat Party is NOTHING if not existing for the purpose of keeping the crushing of the skulls of babies legal, i.e. abortion, women’s health, choice, BMW payments made easier etc.

The slope done slipped.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

palmetto-on-flag-jpgBy all means remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House de facto outdoor museum grounds, if for no other reason than to see what totem will be the next device used by Democrats to try and paint Republicans as racist per se and themselves as paragons of racial virtue.

This native gamecock of South Carolina’s first thought after first hearing of the Charleston Church Shooting was my recent debate with death penalty opponents, most of whom were Democrats and many of whom were South Carolinians, in which I advocated for capital punishment only in rare heinous cases. I had hoped that the first reaction from liberal Democrat death penalty absolutists would be to re-visit their absolutism.

But no, the first priority of too many Democrats upon learning last Wednesday that Dylann Roof had murdered nine members of Charleston, South Carolina’s historic Emmanuel AME Church, was to re-visit the A.D. 2000 compromise signed off on by all parties and races, which removed the Confederate Flag from a position of sovereignty atop the State House Dome to the grounds next to its Confederate Memorial. Continue reading

obamacare-gunWhile we await the pending United States Supreme Court decision on the legality of subsidies for non-state exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, we learned that premiums and deductibles have risen and will rise even more next year.

DeVine Law advised all along that the main evil of Obamacare (and there are many), and which ALONE would destroy the private health insurance industry, are the coverage mandates that apply to insurance companies which make premiums and/or deductibles for low and middle income families and individuals quite unaffordable.

National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru further expounds on this issue:

“On this view, the law’s most objectionable aspect isn’t the tax credits. The real problem is that Obamacare makes the federal government the primary regulator of health insurance, uses that regulatory power to strictly define coverage in ways that restrict options and competition, attempts to force people to buy insurance products they don’t want, creates a federal board of dubious constitutionality to set standards, and assumes that empowering experts in Washington is the best way to make health care more efficient and rational. The tax credits in Obamacare are objectionable mainly insofar as they further this highly prescriptive scheme….” Continue reading

saddam-captured_centcom_12-14-03Democrats and their media lied about President George W. Bush during their own “Bush-Lied Era” which likely prolonged the Iraq War by emboldening our Islamist enemies to hold out until Democrats were in control of the White House as well as Congress.

But why are we discussing the Iraq War in 2015 that began in 2003 and ended in 2011? Because Democrats and their media are in the process of trying to discredit Republican presidental candidates with the, “If we knew then what we know now” question, concerning our failure to discover stockpiles of WMD after the invasion. Of course we only know now what we know now, and the only way to know for certain that Saddam Hussein did not have WMD after 9/11, was to search his country inch-by-inch. No CIA intel could have proven a negative in any event and given Saddam’s previous use of WMD and ongoing defiance of the UN inspectors and the ceasefire of the first Kuwait War, it was so essential to make sure after 9/11 that Iraq had no WMD that could finish off New York City and the rest of the Fruited Plain.

In fact is was so imperative to Democrats in 2003 that they demanded a second vote authorizing the use of military force in Iraq so that more Democrats could vote for it than had the first time a few months earlier. Continue reading

rfraEarlier this month, Georgians and Indianans were attacked as homophobic bigots by the “Selma envy” branch of the Democratic Party trying to equate the plight of gays and lesbians with the legacy of slavery and segregation of blacks. Why? For attempting to join 19 other states that had passed a version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act first enacted by President Bill Clinton and Democrats in the 1990s. Peach State Republicans caved before passage, Hoosiers after passage.

Never mind that neither the federal nor any state RFRA have ever been used to countenance discrimination against any LGBT-identified “victim”. Never mind that jury verdicts assessing over $100k in damages in several western states against Christian-owned small businesses refusing to bake cakes or provide floral arrangements for or photograph same-sex weddings, have been upheld despite RFRA laws in those states.

No, the mere prospect that moms and pops, sued for such refusals, might be able to pose a religious defense against involuntary servitude at another’s religious service, brought out the self-righteous hordes of Democrats permanently aggrieved. Continue reading

harf and shermanPresident Barack Obama via his State Department’s Marie Harf said, earlier this week, that the United States “cannot win this war by killing [Islamic State fighters] . . . [and that] we need, in the medium- to longer-term, to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs, whether . . .”

One hundred and fifty years ago today, Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman left Columbia, S.C. in ruins after having killed enough Confederate rebels in the Palmetto State and Georgia to ensure eventual victory in the War Between the States. Sherman understood the root causes of pride, arrogance, greed and slavery, i.e. sin, and that killing enough of the “causers”, in their heretofore untouched antebellum paradise, would tear out the roots for generations.

German Nazis and Imperial Japanese had their root causes torn out via just enough killing by FDR’s Patton and HST’s Enola Gay. Yes, Ms. Harf, after the killing there may be time to deal with root causes in a non-violent way with Marshall Plans or MacArthur viceroys, but only after enough enemies are dead so as to concentrate the minds and hearts of the survivors.

In fact, Marie’s boss Barack inherited a root cause-prevention device in Iraq when he took office in 2009. President George W. Bush, after staying the course there and overcoming the Democrat enemy’s “Bush-Lied” campaign in the homeland, surged to victory over al Qaeda and Saddam’s Baathists, with the aid of freedom-seeking Iraqis, by killing tens of thousands of those that had been trained to wage jihad over here, before we put at risk their homeland over there. In the process, we gathered intel via waterboarding and by having stayed the course and earning the trust of Muslim informers – which led, ironically,  to President Obama’s only finest moment, i.e. the killing of Usama bin Laden after Obama had opposed the surge and waterboarding, or as I like to call it, nose-swabbing. Continue reading

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