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palmetto-on-flag-jpgBy all means remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House de facto outdoor museum grounds, if for no other reason than to see what totem will be the next device used by Democrats to try and paint Republicans as racist per se and themselves as paragons of racial virtue.

This native gamecock of South Carolina’s first thought after first hearing of the Charleston Church Shooting was my recent debate with death penalty opponents, most of whom were Democrats and many of whom were South Carolinians, in which I advocated for capital punishment only in rare heinous cases. I had hoped that the first reaction from liberal Democrat death penalty absolutists would be to re-visit their absolutism.

But no, the first priority of too many Democrats upon learning last Wednesday that Dylann Roof had murdered nine members of Charleston, South Carolina’s historic Emmanuel AME Church, was to re-visit the A.D. 2000 compromise signed off on by all parties and races, which removed the Confederate Flag from a position of sovereignty atop the State House Dome to the grounds next to its Confederate Memorial.

In lieu of calls to expedite the manufacture and delivery of  drugs for lethal injection that pass U.S. Supreme court muster or even calls for capital punishment in the Roof case proper, Democrats have attempted not only to disown the Confederate flag anew but also re-write history attempting to assign its existence to the Party of Lincoln.

Whoa! Democrats own the Stars and Bars lock, stock and barrel, from its historical advocacy of slavery, secession and Jim Crow. It also owns the continuing advocacy of race-based laws anathema to the U.S. Constitution as amended, under the guise of reverse discrimination.

And Lincoln’s Grand Old Republican Party? It was created specifically to abolish slavery. It went on elect Abraham Lincoln, re-elected him to finish off the Democrats’ confederacy of rebels in the War Bewteen the States that Democrats started by bombing Charleston’s Fort Sumter, and passed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to abolish involuntary servitude and ensure equal protection of the laws, due process and voting rights. Meanwhile Democrats invented separate but (not) equal, Jim Crow segregation and poll taxes and literacy tests as they opposed Republican-passed civil rights, pro-voting and anti-lynching laws until 1964 as well.

Since 1964, Democrats have demonized Republicans for opposing welfare rules that kicked the black man out of the house and made Uncle Sam daddy and other devices to satisfy their mis-applied White Guilt and Selma envy for those liberals too young to march over truly dangerous bridges.

Democrats over the past several days since the Charleston Church Shooting have falsely alleged that it is “courageous” for Republicans to come out for removing the flag from the State House grounds and one in particular stated to me that he didn’t know that, “white guys our age can really get a sense of what that flag means to our black brethren.”

It isn’t and we can.

Firstly, please do NOT consider this “White” middle-aged Republican Sandlapper as requiring courage to favor removal of the flag nor suggest that race has anything to do with an ability to understand the evils of slavery, secession, treason, hate-group appropriation of battle flags, etc. Secondly, please don’t condescend to suggest that Blacks who have never been slaves can’t separate history or symbols of former governments from the majority of white South Carolina citizens in Charleston and the state writ large that elected Tim Scott to the U.S.  House and U.S. Senate. Please.

For the record, not that anything more than logic and reason should suffice, my family was instrumental in integrating Little league, Cub Scouts and other institutions in the Palmetto State beginning in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I was a Democrat Party activist and official for all of my adult life until my 2001 conservative epiphany, mainly due to successful Reaganite Republican economic policies that helped the poor and middle class and disgust with Democrat racial identity politics that treat Blacks and other minorities as if they were victim-dependent children, required that I switch to the GOP. As a teenager I banned the wearing of the Rebel Flag from my first car and think that the “Lost Cause” for which my own great-great-grandfather reluctantly fought, was among the worst causes any army ever fought for, i.e. to preserve the right to own slaves. The South started the war for fear they would soon lose that right and to extend it westward. I knew many racists that displayed the flag in the 70s. Not many since. And know many that are not racists that revere the Confederate heroes of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. I live near Stone Mountain of Georgia.

But understand that removing the Confederate flag from its still-prominent position at a major Columbia traffic intersection has zero to do with circumstances that led to the mass murder in my beloved home state last week, nor with securing justice for its victims, their families and the South Carolina, Southern and American families of which we and they are all a part. But it would remove the latest totem from the pantheon of avoidance devices the Democratic Party uses to avoid discussing truth and real justice rather than their faux “social” justice variety.

South Carolina has already shown the nation, twice this year already, how NOT to react when a person of one race/skin color kills persons of another race/skin color: We don’t riot like they do in other parts of the nation.

Now we have the opportunity to show people what actual justice looks like with a fair trial to determine guilt and hopefully, after a lawful conviction of the alleged confessor, a successful imposition of the ultimate penalty for purposes of deterrence (as best can be hoped for) and to exhibit how precious we consider the lives of each and everyone of us, but especially those precious souls who left behind such exemplary fellow worshipers of Jesus Christ at Emmanuel AME in Charleston.

My usual signature line since 2001 has been a quote attributed to fellow South Carolinian, former President Andrew Jackson, that “one man with courage makes a majority.” Still true, but advocating the removal of the Confederate Flag is not such a moment for which courage is required. Moreover, we do NOT wish for any new law to require that the Stars and Bars be displayed per se at any particular museum operated by the state.

Truck stops display them for sale ad nauseum. History is. Deal with it all, then proudly fly the Palmetto State’s flag that highlights the logs that withstood British cannon balls long enough for Washington’s Continental Army to get its act together for America to be Independent.


obamacare-gunWhile we await the pending United States Supreme Court decision on the legality of subsidies for non-state exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, we learned that premiums and deductibles have risen and will rise even more next year.

DeVine Law advised all along that the main evil of Obamacare (and there are many), and which ALONE would destroy the private health insurance industry, are the coverage mandates that apply to insurance companies which make premiums and/or deductibles for low and middle income families and individuals quite unaffordable.

National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru further expounds on this issue:

“On this view, the law’s most objectionable aspect isn’t the tax credits. The real problem is that Obamacare makes the federal government the primary regulator of health insurance, uses that regulatory power to strictly define coverage in ways that restrict options and competition, attempts to force people to buy insurance products they don’t want, creates a federal board of dubious constitutionality to set standards, and assumes that empowering experts in Washington is the best way to make health care more efficient and rational. The tax credits in Obamacare are objectionable mainly insofar as they further this highly prescriptive scheme….”

Thus the provision made the opening up of (state and federal) exchanges (Conservative Republicans have long advocated an end to state monopolies in the health insurance market 200 years after the U.S. Constitution’s Interstate Commerce Clause was ratified to ensure a NATIONAL economy w/inherently lower prices I might add) worthless since the mandated coverages made premiums and deductibles so high that to be “insured” for the working poor still means going to the ER for actual care as they pay taxes called “premiums”.

The U.S. Supreme Court may rule this month that the subsidies may only be applied to those that purchased so-called “insurance” from a state exchange. We have been told that such a ruling would cause Obamacare to “fall of its own weight.” DeVine Gamecock always said that hope was Poppycock!

Why, because no matter the suffering if the GOP Congress doesn’t pass new subsidies or if they do with conditions, Obama will VETO any bill, whether budgetary or non-budgetary, that makes any changes in the coverage, employer and other mandates.

Hence, since there aren’t 2/3 votes in either of House of Congress for apple pie and motherhood (Democrats oppose transfats, good-tasting food not served at 21 in Manhattan and any choice that does kill a slave-master of a woman in their womb), much less Obamacare revisions, we are back to the game of Government-Shutdown Chicken, that McConnell, Boehner, Establishment GOP et al are too chicken to play or even explain why they won’t play, i.e. Obama would love for the government to STAY SHUT DOWN until the military, elderly and disabled don’t get their checks so that he can declare a State of Emergency, seize the U.S. Mint and issues ObamaDollars.


From a low income single mother:

I still don’t have this insurance. I don’t have any insurance. I am paying $~350/mo out of pocket for doctors and prescriptions. The cheapest I can get Obamacare is for $263/mo. This sounds okay. BUT, then you get to the fine print. This is with a $8,000 deductible and even if you meet the deductible, they still only pay 60% and you pay 40%. How in the hell is that affordable?!?’ That’s CRAZY?!? If I accepted that, I would be paying the $263 and STILL pay for EVERYTHING until I paid the $8 grand. Unreal.

Sadly, all to real in the Age of Obama aka Democrats.

“What our forefathers with so much difficulty secured, do not basely relinquish.” – William Bradford


saddam-captured_centcom_12-14-03Democrats and their media lied about President George W. Bush during their own “Bush-Lied Era” which likely prolonged the Iraq War by emboldening our Islamist enemies to hold out until Democrats were in control of the White House as well as Congress.

But why are we discussing the Iraq War in 2015 that began in 2003 and ended in 2011? Because Democrats and their media are in the process of trying to discredit Republican presidental candidates with the, “If we knew then what we know now” question, concerning our failure to discover stockpiles of WMD after the invasion. Of course we only know now what we know now, and the only way to know for certain that Saddam Hussein did not have WMD after 9/11, was to search his country inch-by-inch. No CIA intel could have proven a negative in any event and given Saddam’s previous use of WMD and ongoing defiance of the UN inspectors and the ceasefire of the first Kuwait War, it was so essential to make sure after 9/11 that Iraq had no WMD that could finish off New York City and the rest of the Fruited Plain.

In fact is was so imperative to Democrats in 2003 that they demanded a second vote authorizing the use of military force in Iraq so that more Democrats could vote for it than had the first time a few months earlier.

The New York Times has confirmed that we actually found WMD and Bob Woodward of the Washington Post confirms that President Bush didn’t lie. Neither Woodward nor the Beltway publications are pals with the GOP. Nor was Bill Clinton who relied upon the same CIA intel in justifying his bombing of Iraq and congressional resolution of need to remove Saddam in the late 1990s.

This writer thinks Saddam had to be removed regardless of any intel given Saddam’s total record before 9/11, much less afterward when to have left him in power would have rendered our deterrent feckless. Usama bin Laden himself said that the fact that Saddam essentially won the first Gulf War with the United States, since we did not remove him from power, emboldened him and al Qaeda to carry out 9/11 and earlier attacks on the U.S. abroad. Instructively, after we captured Saddam from a rat-hole, Libya surrendered their WMD to Bush.

President Obama inherited a stable and democratic Iraq as an ally of the U.S. Those were his words in 2011 when thanking the troops.

The Bush Surge worked because Bush stayed the course as Democrats lied to our enemies. Staying the course is what allowed the Iraqis to trust us and give us the intel for the surge and together with waterboarding, to get the intel for Obama to find UBL.

Then Obama surrendered Iraq in 2011 thus handing it over to ISIS and Iran, the latter of which is the real leader of the Islamist War against us and Western civilization. Obama seems also to be begging Iran to let us help him get nuclear weapons, even though they have vowed to destroy Israel and us. We had Iran surrounded when Bush left office and had we left a residual force of 10 to 15, 000 troops in a safe base there would have been no ISIS taking cities in Iraq.

Yet, Democrats claim that ISIS is worse than Saddam and thus Bush’s creation.

Never mind Saddam’s assassination attempt on Bush41 and use of WMD on the Kurds. Never mind his overt sponsorship of terror on TV, firing on US planes, all after 9/11. Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of his own people, many in wood chippers at Abu Ghraib, invaded Kuwait and Iran. Millions were killed in those wars. He gave safe haven to terrorists including Abu Nidal and maintained a half a jet in the desert where hijackers trained and paid the families of suicide bombers on TV before and after 9/11.

ISIS is a snotty nose punk compared to Saddam’s former terror nation state, and they are the creation of President Barack Hussein Obama. Iran remains, with Russia’s nuclear and naval help, the main terror enemy and yet it appears that Obama allies with Iran. God save us until this interloper leaves the White House in 2017.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

rfraEarlier this month, Georgians and Indianans were attacked as homophobic bigots by the “Selma envy” branch of the Democratic Party trying to equate the plight of gays and lesbians with the legacy of slavery and segregation of blacks. Why? For attempting to join 19 other states that had passed a version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act first enacted by President Bill Clinton and Democrats in the 1990s. Peach State Republicans caved before passage, Hoosiers after passage.

Never mind that neither the federal nor any state RFRA have ever been used to countenance discrimination against any LGBT-identified “victim”. Never mind that jury verdicts assessing over $100k in damages in several western states against Christian-owned small businesses refusing to bake cakes or provide floral arrangements for or photograph same-sex weddings, have been upheld despite RFRA laws in those states.

No, the mere prospect that moms and pops, sued for such refusals, might be able to pose a religious defense against involuntary servitude at another’s religious service, brought out the self-righteous hordes of Democrats permanently aggrieved.

Of course, before RFRA, there was and remains the Constitution’s Free Exercise and Establishment clauses of the First Amendment which could still thwart attempts by Democrats to force all Americans to worship at the Church of non-Diverse Unions; even if a state has also passed a law prohibiting discrimination based upon sexual orientation. How? By distinguishing the mere sale of products to all comers from the forced participation of a free citizen in the exercise of a religion (one that practices non-traditional marriage) not their own. The U.S. Constitution prohibits the government from establishing a religion and from prohibiting one’s free exercise of their own. We are confident that the Alito Supreme Court will so hold.

But how did we get to the point where a government could force a person to perform work for another, against their will? Should not one that owns property be allowed to control that property and their own labor? Yes, but due to the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, the power of the government to regulate commerce and the understandable need for the Civil Rights Act and, more significantly, the Public Accommodations bill, liberal busy-bodies, not content to remedy the real problem of de jure state-mandated race discrimination, have used the openings of those laws to try and impose their totalitarian (imagined grievance-based) will on all.

Of course, Jim Crow laws FORCED private businesses to treat blacks as inferior to whites. Those laws were ended by the civil rights laws. There have never been any equivalent such state laws demanding unequal treatment of gays and lesbians. Unlike blacks unable to travel the nation for fear they couldn’t find a hotel or restaurant, gays and lesbians have had no such history.

But since so many of the children of the 60s and their children have no real Selmas to conquer, the rest of us who have found meaning in our faith and families must be hectored by those who tilt at faux Selma windmills and bridges. And not just hectored, but risk having our life savings and businesses destroyed if we don’t ask “how high” when the LGBT lobby shouts “jump”.

Of course, very few Americans of faith or no faith are turning down dollars to make “stands”. But should the price for daring to risk loss by starting a business mean we should become slaves of a state that can then demand we render services to whomever and wherever that state says we must?

That slippery slope could one day lead to the government demanding we buy a health insurance policy we don’t want? Can you imagine?

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

harf and shermanPresident Barack Obama via his State Department’s Marie Harf said, earlier this week, that the United States “cannot win this war by killing [Islamic State fighters] . . . [and that] we need, in the medium- to longer-term, to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs, whether . . .”

One hundred and fifty years ago today, Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman left Columbia, S.C. in ruins after having killed enough Confederate rebels in the Palmetto State and Georgia to ensure eventual victory in the War Between the States. Sherman understood the root causes of pride, arrogance, greed and slavery, i.e. sin, and that killing enough of the “causers”, in their heretofore untouched antebellum paradise, would tear out the roots for generations.

German Nazis and Imperial Japanese had their root causes torn out via just enough killing by FDR’s Patton and HST’s Enola Gay. Yes, Ms. Harf, after the killing there may be time to deal with root causes in a non-violent way with Marshall Plans or MacArthur viceroys, but only after enough enemies are dead so as to concentrate the minds and hearts of the survivors.

In fact, Marie’s boss Barack inherited a root cause-prevention device in Iraq when he took office in 2009. President George W. Bush, after staying the course there and overcoming the Democrat enemy’s “Bush-Lied” campaign in the homeland, surged to victory over al Qaeda and Saddam’s Baathists, with the aid of freedom-seeking Iraqis, by killing tens of thousands of those that had been trained to wage jihad over here, before we put at risk their homeland over there. In the process, we gathered intel via waterboarding and by having stayed the course and earning the trust of Muslim informers – which led, ironically,  to President Obama’s only finest moment, i.e. the killing of Usama bin Laden after Obama had opposed the surge and waterboarding, or as I like to call it, nose-swabbing.

Sometimes Marie, you have to enhance-interrogate enough enemies to win wars. Then you can let the survivors create jobs, like Americans used to be allowed to do before your Spread-the-Wealth-in-Chief, via free market capitalism. Think South Korea and Japan after the deluge and thanks to a residual armed U.S. force to keep the minds concentrated.

But what did Obama do upon taking office? He removed our residual force in Iraq, thus returning it to the root cause, this time named ISIS. Need any extra towels to sop up the blood on you and B. Hussein’s manicured hands, Miss Harf?

DeVine History in Real Time

On February 17, 1865, Sherman’s March through the Carolinas arrived at the fount from which secession had sprung four long bloody years earlier. Hundreds of thousands of rebels had been killed at Antietam, Gettysburg, Vicksburg and countless other battles. Atlanta had fallen and Sherman had completed his celebrated March to the Sea and conquered Savannah as a Christmas gift to President Lincoln. But Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia still held out at Perersburg, Va.

Not enough killing and destruction had yet been been done. The root cause of Southern pride had to be killed, including many of the bodies housing that pride and buildings housing the bullets and cotton.

Before leaving Savannah for what Confederate generals would deem an even greater achievement than the March to the Sea, on par with Julius Caesar, in marching across the Salkiehatchie swamps of the South Carolina Low Country, Georgians said to Sherman: “Why don’t you go over to South Carolina and serve them this way? They started it.”

He did. And while soldiers would often apologize to poor South Carolinians as they burned war assets, they would all refrain:

“But, South Carolina must be destroyed”.

The root cause of slavery and the soldiers defending that “way of life” was destroyed and thus gone with the wind. It took 100 more years to force Democrats to also destroy Jim Crow, but that progress was only made possible because Lincoln, Sherman and Gen. Ulysses S. Grant were willing to kill enough of the enemy to win the Civil War.

War is Hell. So is losing them to tyrants. Let’s not.

 “One man with courage makes a majority”. – Andrew Jackson


George Washington portraitIt is fitting that if we are to celebrate just one President that it be the Father of our Country, without whose leadership and character there would be no Shining City on a Hill.

And yes, today’s federal holiday is still, and always has been, declared in (you can look it up in) federal law , as Washington’s Birthday; and not any so-called amorphous “President’s Day” requiring celebrations of 43 Presidential oath takers. The latter is the creation of a failed congressional attempt to change the law coupled with (and you can look that up too) the advertising activities of retail companies and calendar manufacturers.

Moreover, liberal academic “reformers” and the media have used the above to conduct a veritable cultural hijacking of Washington’s Birthday, much as they have any tradition, institution and icon of the exceptional Judeo-Christian America they despise.

The law is the law, and the traditional name of the federal holiday remains, but the culture is subject to leftist hijacking via the neglect of conservatives and others that are proud of their nation.

General George Washington watched thousands fall on the battlefield so that we could ordain and establish self government based on the rule of law as opposed to the tyrannies of the rule of men, whether they be (would be Obama) Kings, Despots or Judicial Oligarchs. He nearly lost his life many times leading Revolutionary War battles. As our first President he astounded the world by peacefully giving up power to his successor.

Yet, all the “reformers” care to recall is that he was a slaveowner. Yes, he was a slaveowner, but he fathered a nation that put slavery on the path to destruction and which has freed more of humanity from tyranny than in all of human history. Ironically, many of the so-called reformers that would have us celebrate James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon, also conveniently looked the other way when evaluating the greatest enslavers and murderers of humanity in the Soviet Union and Red China.

The true reformer was the man whose birth we celebrate today. The man who admitted chopping down a cherry tree and went on to chop down the barriers to Liberty so that men could be truly free.

Happy Birthday President Washington!

“What our forefathers with so much difficulty secured, do not basely relinquish.” – William Bradford

1945-Yalta-Conference-1Seventy years ago this month, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, with a little help from Communist spies in the latter’s administration, made sure that Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union won WWII and eastern Europe didn’t.

Britain had declared war on Nazi Germany in 1939 because it invaded Poland from the west. It seems lost to history that the invasion was part of the Nazi-Soviet (Molotov-Ribbentrop) Pact under which the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east. Yet just six years later, the British prime minister and U.S. president agree to trust Joseph Stalin with Poland and all of the rest of Eastern Europe, from Finland and thru the Baltics to the Balkans. Might as well have a straight line running through the heart of Germany and Europe writ large.

Thankfully, the United States developed the atom bomb before either Der Fuhrer or Uncle Joe; or all of Europe, America and Planet Earth would have descended into the same Dark Age that millions behind the Iron Curtain did thanks to our betrayal of freedom on the coast of the Crimea in February of 1945. Holocaust survivors liberated from Auschwitz were merely transferred from a German concentration camp to a Stalin gulag.

Seventy years later, President Barack Obama seems intent opon facilitating the development of an Islamic nuclear bomb by the leading sponsor and fomenter of terrorism since 1979. Ironically, just as the U.S. armed the USSR before Pearl Harbor (and after) via Lend-Lease, Russia has helped Iran develop nukes for years.

Just what is the affinity of the latest Democratic Party president to Iranian mullahs he begged to have lunch with even as they mowed down peaceful Green Revolutionaries in the streets of Tehran? Is it that B. Hussein sees pre-Barack America and non-Jeremiah Wright Christianity as just as great a Satan as does Iran’s Supreme Leader? After all, it was Christians in Middle Age Crusades that abused Mohammedans; Britain and America that invented slavery; and Republicans that didn’t evolve on gay marriage fast enough.

But wait, didn’t The Prophet of Islam (that must not be slandered) launch the first land-grabbing, forced-conversion crusades? Write holy books and receive one from Allah that made all women chattel slaves? And what about gay rights in Islam? And wasn’t it Christians that abolished slavery in the West? I think so.

Obama has already handed over American-surge freed allies in Iraq to ISIS as surely as millions were sentenced to Stalin’s Gulag Archipelago by the Yalta Conference-communiques of the Big Three.

DeVine History in Real Time

Of course, FDR knew a day of infamy when he saw one at Pearl Harbor and acted accordingly to defend the nation. Obama and the Democrats conveniently now see 9/11 as akin to crime mayors must minimize so small businesses will open stores and pay taxes. Does anyone doubt that the Bush waterboarded-KSM & al Qaeda friends would have carried out those follow-ups to 9/11 had a Gore, Kerry, Hillary or Obama been Commander in Chief?

If Iran gets the bomb as Obama legacy-enhancement, will there even be an Israel for a latter-day Reagan (with assists from Trumans, Ikes and Nixons) to liberate? At least Uncle Joe had the good manners to commit genocide across ethnic lines and without making movies of it.

There was no basis upon which FDR and Churchill could justify any trust in Stalin that he wouldn’t be as least as bad a jailer as Hitler. Nor is there any basis upon which Iran can be trusted today as they build a new Persian Empire across the Middle East. You thought amnesty for illegals was bad? Obama isn’t finished with executive fiats just yet.

Could someone, maybe even a Boehner or a McConnell, at least try and make him stop?

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson


I hear many say that ISIS has jumped the shark with the video release of their burning alive of a captured Jordanian pilot. Even some Democrats want to declare war on ISIS now. We heard similar sentiment expressed months ago when they released videos of the slow, torturous (no compassionate 18th Century French Jacobins with guillotines, these 7th-come-21st Century “extremists”) be-headings of American and other Western journalists.  Not so many such calls for war when ISIS was killing Christians and other minorities en masse. Wonder why?

Childlike liberals need pictures to get excited?

It seems so, given that of all the existential threats to the United States, while ISIS is not a “junior varsity” one, a majority of Americans (Democrats all) re-elected a President Barack Hussein Obama who had appeased Iran before 2012 and who since has facilitated the development of a nuclear weapon by the world’s leading supporter of terrorism every year since 1979. The same Iran that took and held American hostages until the specter of The Republican Gipper was manifest. The same Islamist “republic” that sponsors puppets in Gaza (Hamas), Lebanon (Hezbollah), and Syria (Bashir Assad). The same Iranian mullahs that funded and planned the killing of American armed forces and civilians in Beirut, the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia and in Iraq. The same Iranian Supreme Leader that ordered the mowing down of young people and others during the Green revolution in Tehran, during which Obama begged to have lunch with the ruling mullahs, while remaining silent about the massacre of innocent freedom seekers.

What’s also so sad is that more people don’t NOW see how Saddam jumped the shark by harboring Abu Nidal, training hijackers at the plane shell in the desert, invading Iran and Kuwait, using gas against Iran and the Kurds, publicly paying the parents of suicide bombers on TV, defying the UN WMD-inspectors and firing on US planes.  Saddam almost assassinated Bush41. Thank God that over 5000 terrorists trained to attack the US homeland went to the Iraq War to defend theirs and died at our hands, thanks to the Surge ordered by the grownup named President George W. Bush who stayed the course even after the shiny pictures faded from view.

The Islamist terror shark has jumped but Obama declared the War on Terror over years ago and, accordingly by his lights, surrendered Iraq least year, yesterday called ISIS a mere “organization”, and is in the process of turning Afghanistan over to the Taliban again. Obama jumped the appeasement surrender-monkey shark years ago. In fact, ISIS owes Obama credit for not leaving even a 5000-man residual force in Baghdad, thus allowing them a foothold from which to conquer massive territory in Iraq and Syria. ISIS wants to be what Saddam was when most Democrats understood his threat under Clinton’s Desert Fox and voted by a majority for War in Iraq after 9/11.

Sharks have been jumped for decades by Islamists but some people (all Democrats and Rand Paul) need shiny pictures to get serious, and then for only five minutes. And when our war policy doesn’t produce Connecticuts in the Middle East within 72 hours and no more shiny pictures appear on NBC, they cut and run, i.e. surrender to evil and retreat to their ostrich hole of envy and slander.

FDR, HST, JFK and Reagan didn’t need shiny pictures. Dubya didn’t. Serious people don’t. Instead they stay the course until unconditional surrender.

Some seem to think that only a direct link to 9/11 is the only reason to go to war and that only Osama bin Laden was a threat. Yet before 9/11 even Al Qaeda hadn’t carried out 9/11. Hitler wasn’t involved in 9/11, but they saw the shiny pictures. Stalin killed the photographers near his Terror, Famine, Purge and Gulag, so many Democrats went all anti-anti-Communist since Joe McCarthy’s pictures were so shiny.

Yet a picture of a burning prisoner might be a reason to go to war, while the killing of thousands and a nuclear threat isn’t? It doesn’t compute and who on Earth, including allies, would trust the word of President Obama to stay the course anyway? Which enemy would fear him? Even an oil price-savaged Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine and its nuclear weapons aid to Iran.

Pray for God’s protection until January 20, 2017 because that is the only hope we have with this interloping appeaser in the White House; and pray to God that a majority of Americans will finally understand that NO Democrat can be trusted to defend us, whether there appear shiny pictures on CNN or not.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson 


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